Mushy Stuff – Girls ONLY!

God has been laying something on my heart for a while now.  Don’t forget to be mushy with your man!  I don’t think God would say it quite like that.  He wrote it much snazzier in Song of Solomon.  When day to day living takes over, I often forget to show love to my husband.  I can get preoccupied with the house, the boys, cooking, cleaning, etc that I fail miserably at loving as I should.

I have a friend who’s husband is not a christian.  She is a faithful, godly lady who loves her family.  She homeschools her kids and helps her husband in his business from home.  I am extremely inspired by her and how she lives out Christ’s love to her husband.  She told me and a group of ladies that in showing her husband love and intimacy she is showing him the love of Jesus.  One of her main ministries to him is intimacy!  I know He sees Christ’s love through her acts of obedience to God!

Our husband’s need us after a long day at the office.  They need us when something happens in our lives that shake us to the core.  They also need us because God designed them that way.  Shame on us when we turn them away.  I am guilty of this just like any other women out there.  I know I’ve made excuses in the past that most likely hurt the heart of my husband.  How is that being Christ-like?  It’s not.

I hope you plan something extra “mushy” for your husband this weekend.  I don’t care for hallmark holiday’s but, this one is a chance to celebrate your marriage!  Why not!?  Any day of the year is really worthy of celebrating a deep love that God has given you through your husband.

How do you show your husband Christ’s love?



2 thoughts on “Mushy Stuff – Girls ONLY!

  1. Thanks, Jen . . . for encouraging to love my sweet hubby more – intimacy is from the Heart of God – it is a beautiful thing . . . there are days it is the last thing on my list . . . yet, it brings our marriage such closeness . . . like nothing else can – working to keep it HOT! 🙂 Love you and appreciate you!!!

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