Life is Short

I am sure most that will read this now know that my cousin, Joel passed away this week.  Please pray for Joel’s wife, Heather and three daughters, Sophia(6), Chloe(4) and Penelope(2).  Please lift my Aunt Audrey, Uncle Don and cousin, Chad up in your prayers as well.   I am realizing how much harder it is to deal with a loss where suicide was the end.  I found this picture of Joel and all of the family I asked prayer for (except Chad) and I thought I’d post it here.  Many tough days to come.  His memorial service is Monday.  Thank you friends!

Uncle Don is holding Chloe, Aunt Audrey, Heather is holding Sophia on her back and Joel is holding Penelope.

I have come to see that many of the hits I am getting are from people searching on Joel McKanna’s name.   If you have any questions about God…eternity…feel free to send me a comment and your email.  I will do my best to get back to you privately.  Here is a great website to follow as well.  I am praying for you.

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3 thoughts on “Life is Short

  1. Jennifer.
    I am feeling sooo sad for your family. My nephew 18 took his life two years ago, after being asked by his gradfather ad step grandmother to move out of the house. No one in our family knew he had been asked to leave and we miss him horribly. But this young man had sooo much to live for, and it is very sad he left this legacy for his children to deal with. He must have been horribly depressed. Wish he could have reached out to someone.
    Jennifer are you any realtion to Mike Griffin? Just wondering
    And I have been praying often for the whole family.

  2. I am not even sure how to start this… my heart is aching so much for the whole family. I guess I should introduce myself… I am Sophia’s first grade teacher, Becky Parsons. Over the course of the school year, I had gotten to know Joel through many, many emails and several face to face conversations. He even admitted at one point that he was having a hard time adjusting to the recent changes in his life, but there was never even a hint of such a tragedy happening in the future. I am just so saddened by this and wish there would have been more I could have said or done. I think the WORLD of Sophia and have felt a special bond with her since day one. Heather and the girls are very special to me too… this is just a family I have felt close to from the beginning. Being a mother myself, I cannot imagine what they are going through, how Heather can make any of this any easier on the three of them…the pain it must cause her to look into their sweet little faces and know what this means and not being able to take the hurt away. … and then his parents and brother… I just CANNOT imagine what his mom is going through. I have and will continue to keep everyone… your WHOLE family, in my prayers. As a matter of fact, I know my entire family will be lifting them in prayer for a long, long time. I just wish there were more I could do. I plan to make myself available to Heather and the girls, so please help reinforce the fact that I would do ANYTHING for them if/when they may need me. Right now, I’d truly give anything to give Sophia a nice long hug and just hold her for a little while. Thank you, Jennifer, for posting this and allowing me to take up space rambling on here. I am sure I will probably meet you sometime soon… but if you see or hear of anything I can do between now and then, please let me know.

    • Thank you Becky for your thoughts and prayers. I heard that you got to see Sophia on Sunday. I’m sure that was a huge blessing to give her some hugs.

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