Memorial Service, Monday

I know I have many praying friends across the country.  Please keep the family in your prayers Monday.  Joel’s memorial service will be held at 6pm that evening.  Calling hours start at 5pm.  My heart is all over the board these days.  The girls faces seem to come to focus in my mind often.  Joel’s face is there much of the time.  The what if’s, the why’s, the normal questions everyone asks.  My hope and comfort come from God alone.  His Sovereignty..knowing He knew before this earth was formed how many days Joel would be here.  He knew the choices Joel would make…even this fatal act was allowed by God.  Many of you reading this are Joel’s friends.  I am glad you are here.  I see the hits off of google and yahoo.  Maybe you are searching and asking questions today.  I want you to know this….

There is HOPE!  There is a God.  

If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail me…  You can also leave a message here on my blog.  I have to approve comments so I will see if you have any questions.  If you don’t want your comment posted..I will gladly keep it to myself.  If you have posted here before it will automatically go on my wall.  If you want to leave any words, thoughts or bible verses for the family, I will be glad to pass it along.

Also, there is a fund set up for the girls.  I am sure any donations would be greatly appreciated.  Here is that information as well.

The Memorial Service is at:

Camp Chatauqua, 10500 Camp Trail, Miamisburg OH 45342

on Monday at 6pm.  Friends and Family can call starting at 5pm.

Dinner following Memorial service.

Donations can be made in Joel P. McKanna’s name to:

 Lebanon Citizens National Bank

I did not see a way to donate on line at this moment.  I will let you know when I find out more details.

Thank you for praying!  I know my Aunt and Uncle, cousin Chad and the rest of the family appreciate it very much!!  Prayers for Heather and the girls are cherished as well.

Here is a link to Joel’s obituary:

Resting in God-   Jennifer


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