Expectant of my Groom

I have the world’s cutest niece, Molly.  Almost every single time I come to her house she scurries off after we eat and changes her clothes!  She usually comes out in a dress or skirt, fancy shoes and this time a veil.  She pretends to be getting married each time we are over.  This picture is from the last get-together at my brother, Jon’s house.  You can’t see the skirt very well or the high heels but they are there!  She is hugging on my other brother, Nate for a quick picture.

Molly has me thinking….am I always expectant of my Groom and His arrival?  Do I prepare often for Him because I cannot wait for that day to get here?  Do I rehearse what it may be like and prepare myself for the Day?  Sadly, most of the time I am wrapped up in every day activities and I fail miserably at longing and preparing for my King, Jesus.  This world is NOT my home and I am thankful that I am just passing through.  So much heartache and corruption fills up the world all around us.  Devastation from the storms, death of a loved one, missing people..the list is really endless.  I long for Home.

I want to make each day more like Molly would.  I want to be ready for Him to come at any moment and take me away.  Are you expectant of the Savior, Your King, Your Groom?  He asks us to be.

I love this quote by Nancy Leigh DeMoss:

“In light of the promise of His Second Coming, how foolish it would be to put our stakes down deep here on earth. Rather, the great hope of His return motivates us to live holy lives, and to zealously and faithfully serve Christ and proclaim Him to others until He comes.”

Here is another quote from DeMoss from a radio interview on Revive Our Hearts.

“Philippians chapter 3, verse 20, says it this way: “Our citizenship is in heaven.” Our passport is stamped “heaven.” That’s where we belong. That’s our country. We are foreigners here. We are strangers here. We are pilgrims here. We are headed home, and home is not here. Home is in heaven. Our citizenship is in heaven, and from it—that is from heaven—we await a Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ. It’s an intensive type of waiting. It’s expecting, looking for.”

I love how Nancy puts it! I want to be so much more aware and ready for what is to come.  I want to live each day expectant…long for my Father’s return.  I may not get out my old veil and hunt down some high heels like Molly does but, all the same we need to prepare our hearts.  I will leave you with this last quote:

“The degree to which we long for Christ’s return is probably a pretty accurate measure of our spiritual condition.” Nancy L. DeMoss

Oh, how I can do so much better than I am.  I’m sure this may ring true for you as well.  Are you ready and waiting?

 “Waiting for our blessed hope, the appearing of the glory of our great God and Savior Jesus Christ.” Titus 2:13


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