Shan Griffin Rocks!

First, just let me say that my husband is a great daddy to his two boys!  I am thankful for the dad he has become!  God has molded him daily as he seeks God’s face and it shows!  I love how God has captured his heart and how he wants to constantly learn more about his Heavenly Daddy.  Here are some of my favorite pictures of Shan and us.  The boys are a little younger in these but, they are loved photos! 🙂

Here are some things I love about Shan…

~He is silly with the boys.

~He loves to wrestle with the boys.

~He has funny names for each of them.

~He loves to take them with him every time he mows!  Titus loves being his mowing buddy..and Noah still tries to fit on the mower with him whenever he can!

~He shows the boys how to do jobs and to build things.

~He makes God a main focus at our house!

~He loves listening to sermons…all the time!

~He loves the four of us piling into bed to watch a movie.

~He longs to spend time together, everyday!

~He prays with us!

~He has a BIG soft heart!!

~He is totally handsome.

~He loves God! (a theme)

So, I am extra thankful today for the husband God provided me with.  I could make this list much bigger but, I will stop for now. I hope all of you had a great Father’s Day!

I am praying extra today for my Aunt Audrey and Uncle Don who are  missing their son, Joel today.  I am also praying for Heather and her three small girls who are without their daddy.  I cannot imagine how tough today must be.  Cherish your time with your daddy.



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