Always Reforming….

Semper Reformanda….means, Always Reforming.  This term is a common one in our vocabulary at home and at church.  I thought I might take a few minutes to start to explain what it means!(I say start because there is so much you can study!!) To many this is a new term or maybe it sounds scary to some since it’s not familiar.  Believe me, it’s nothing to fear but, a term to embrace.  Here is a great quote from Michael Horton in a post he wrote for Ligonier Ministries.

“When God’s Word is the source of our life, our ultimate loyalty is not to the past as such or to the present and the future, but to “that Word above all earthly pow’rs,” to borrow from Luther’s famous hymn. Neither behind us nor ahead of us, but above us, reigns our sovereign Lord over His body in all times and places. When we invoke the whole phrase — “the church Reformed and always being reformed according to the Word of God” — we confess that we belong to the church and not simply to ourselves and that this church is always created and renewed by the Word of God rather than by the spirit of the age.”

The whole blog post is here:  Semper Reformanda.

I love this…always being reformed ACCORDING to the Word of God.  I learn from blogs, people, pastors, family, books, etc but, when I make true changes in my life I want them to come from the ultimate source, God’s word.  Why?  Because we can trust His word more than any other book, a blog or person.  God breathed every word and  because of that we can believe and trust His Holy Word.

I have decided to write some blogs regarding many of our beliefs and the way we live just so that many of the questions some have can start to be answered. Many have asked or messaged us in the past two years so, why  not try and tackle some of those questions one or two at a time.  If you have any questions feel free to ask!  You can also email me at


One thought on “Always Reforming….

  1. Jen…I think this is a great way to let people know how you believe and why you believe those things according to God’s Word. God’s Word is alive and powerful and sharper than any physical sword! It is able to pierce peoples conscience and divide even the soul and the spirit.

    We all need to be challenged by His Word daily!

    I just wanted to encourage you in your efforts to challenge yourself and others through God’s Word. Thanks for all you do!

    Love Shan

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