Happy birthday, Titus!

Today by baby boy is 6 years old! I still cannot believe it!  Titus brings so much life and joy to our home!  I cannot imagine life without him.  Titus is quick to love and hug someone when they are sad or hurting.  He prays for people who are sick or have asked for prayer.  Titus also has so many great questions about God and we love how He is already looking for ways to please Him! Titus definitely keeps us laughing and smiling!  He is always full of funny comments and hilarious faces!  I did a mini interview with him today and here were his answers!

Favorite Colors:  brown, yellow, green, red

Favorite Toy: Iron Man legos

Favorite Animal: dogs and parrots

Favorite Snack: oreos and goldfish crackers

Favorite Game: Sequence

Favorite Sport: basketball

Favorite School work: writing my letters

Favorite Song: “My God’s Not Dead”

Dear Titus,

Six years old came way to quickly for your mama!  Doctor’s told mommy that she wouldn’t be able to have any more babies but, God had different plans for our family!!   God gave us you!  We are so surprised, shocked and excited to know you were on the way!!  I remember when I first saw you.  You looked so much like your big brother! You came 4 weeks early and you were such a blessing to us.  Noah wanted to name you but, daddy and I had other ideas for names.  We love to pick Bible names for our kids.  Noah was picking Bible names BUT, at 5 years old his ideas were…Rabbi, Goliath and Moses.  Those weren’t on our top three! 🙂  When we saw you we knew for SURE that you were our Titus Daniel.

Mommy just wants you to know how proud I am of you!  You are doing better at obeying every day.  All we want as your parents is for you to live your life for the glory of God.  We pray EVERY DAY that God will call your heart unto His salvation.

When you look back I hope you will remember your 6th birthday and how we were in Miami, FL with daddy on a work trip.  We swam a few times today and are going out to dinner in a few minutes.  You are excited to eat some pizza! Tomorrow we are going to go out for the day to the Miami Children’s Museum of go Jungle Island.  Fun times and great memories!

We love you so very much!!



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