The Perfect Mom?

DSCN3090You already fully know that being a perfect mom is impossible!  Should we try to do our best, yes.   Some days our best looks much different than others.  I often read mom blogs and sometimes I can get very discouraged!  I know that may seem odd but, many moms portray a perfect home.  Their pictures show a perfectly clean house, well groomed kids, peace-filled days and all sunshine and roses.  Well, my home isn’t like that.  In our house there are toys, folded laundry on the couch, books in stacks and dishes in the sink.  I’m not saying everything should be a mess but, I am saying that there are more important things than a spotless home.  My boys don’t get along in perfect harmony and most of the time Titus is one character or super-hero or another.  What I do see is progress.

One Sunday, one of our elders, Tom mentioned something in one of his sermons that has never left mind.  We get frustrated at times with our kids because we want them to be way up here and they are way down here.  BUT, we forget that they used to be way down here.  There has been progress, just maybe not at the pace we hoped for.  (Of course hand motions would help but, I hope you can see get the picture.)  This illustration comes to mind often when working with my boys. With hard work, they are taking steps in the right direction.  Daily I try to keep on top of discipline issues and to use God’s word to instruct them.  Yes, I often mess up.  Sometimes I become upset or angry at their behavior.  I have dismissed myself at times and taken some time in another room to calm down so I can deal with things rightly.  Sometimes….I’ve blown it and had to ask forgiveness.  We are all making progress.  My beautiful sister in law, Noel posted a quote that keeps going through my mind from Ann Voskamp.

“My kids don’t need a SuperMama.  They need to see a Mama who needs a Super God.”

OH HOW I NEED HIM!  This thought brings me to another sermon by our other elder, Owen.  I wish I had notes from this sermon!  He used a term that I’ve grown to use and love.  He said  that a good leader leads on his/her knees in humble repentance.  This is a leader that can be followed.  I have been praying that I can lead my boys during the day in this way, in humble repentance.  What’s that mean to me?  Well, to me it’s asking forgiveness when I fail to do things God’s way.  If I get upset or angry, don’t discipline when I should(let things slide),  lack patience, etc. (the list is endless.)  I don’t want perfection from them and they know mama isn’t perfect.  I’m trying to show them that we can never be perfect but, a sign of a true Christ follower is someone who repents and tries again.  I’ve been studying 1 John with Noah and Titus during the day.  It is a great book to read with your kids!  It is so full of wise, helpful scripture verses when it comes to walking with the Lord.

These thoughts may seem scattered to some.  I am trying to say….don’t be discouraged when you aren’t her.  When you aren’t that blogger you enjoy reading or even a friend that you admire.  God made you… YOU!  If you are a child of God, you are on your own walk with Him.  We are all going through the process of sanctification at our own pace that He’s set!  I am sure that some of the bloggers you read don’t really have a perfect life as it seems.  They are human and struggle with sin.  We all do.  The key is to abide in Christ and to let Him lead you each day.  When I start the day off wrong and don’t ask for His help..I will fail quickly!  Sometimes I will give the boys both a little something to do quietly while I go to my room and read my bible.  Take even 15 minutes to re-focus!  If I do mess up…repent.  Being humble in front of them is a good thing!  They will learn to ask forgiveness and to make things right if you do it when you fail.  What good does it do to discipline your kids for being unkind or for …you name it…if you are doing it yourself!?  I’ve been there and done that!  I’m guessing that offense was even learned from me!  OUCH!  That will make you re-think some things.

Let God lead you.  Be a mama who walks with her kids in humble repentance.  Be ready to say, “Forgive me?” Pray with them.  They are watching and learning from us.  I want them to hear the gospel daily and to see it through how we live.

“So your top priority as a parent is to be an evangelist in your home. You need to teach your children the law of God, show them their need for a Savior, and point them to Jesus Christ as the only One who can save them. If they grow up in your home without a keen awareness of their need for salvation, you have failed as a parent in your primary task as their spiritual leader. Teach them the gospel and ask God to perform His sovereign work of regeneration.” John MacArthur 

If you stumbled upon this post and are scratching your head and saying, “What does repentance mean?”, here’s a link you can read that will explain it.

Perfect mom?  No.  But, I am a mom trying to live out biblical womanhood  and striving to be more like Christ.  Don’t look up to me or to any  mama blogger thinking she’s perfect or someone to copy.  Copy Christ!   Be like the one who won’t disappoint you.

Ephesians 5: 1-2

 “Therefore be imitators of God, as beloved children. And walk in love, as Christ loved us and gave himself up for us, a fragrant offering and sacrifice to God.”


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