What’s New?

I keep up with so many friends and family online!  I love that.  I thought I’d post about the new things we have had going on in our lives in 2013.  Honestly, I can’t believe we are already in mid-April!  Time sure does speed by.

One of the first changes in my life began in January.  The second week of January I got this book!



This has been such a good thing for me!  I hope that you may consider picking it up and joining me if you struggle as I do in this area.  This is really a healthy way to eat..not a fad diet.  It’s not a Biggest Loser, drop 15 pounds a week type program.  I have never felt deprived or hungry.  Never!  Great food to eat and I am starting to feel better.  I am down 30 pounds so far!  I have a ways to go but, slow and steady wins the race…or so they say.  Here is their website: http://www.trimhealthymama.com  If you buy the book, let me know!  I’d love to help you or be a cheerleader if you need one!

In February, we traveled on a work trip with Shan to Massachusetts!   This was a big highlight for me!  We went to Plymouth Rock and got to see the Monument of the Forefathers!  If you haven’t watched Kirk Cameron’s movie, Monumental…YOU NEED TOO!  It is excellent!  It will be eye opening for you, I promise!  The boys got a kick out of how excited I was to see the Monument in person!

DSCN7234 DSCN7272


We also lost our minds and helped rescue four goats in February!  I don’t know what we were thinking!  We  knew nothing about goats!  NOTHING.   A farmer was taking baby goats from the mamas and leaving them to die.  There were over 40 babies to be rescued.  Their pictures broke my heart and so we were off on a new adventure.  This has NOT been easy!  If we had it all to do over again we would’ve learned a lot more before we got them.  This was a special circumstance with the orphaned goats.  We have bottle-fed these little girls, bathed them and  they have been out in the barn now for about 6 weeks!  Shew!  We have one little sweetie that has had the worst time.  She is the smallest and the kindest by far!  Daisy.  She almost died of a parasite two weeks ago.  She was near death when we got to the vet.  4 hours and $180 later we took her home.  It was touch and go for a while but, she is recovering.  She still has issues with two of her legs from all she went through.  We will find out soon if we can keep her or if she needs to be put to sleep.  This will be hard on all of us.  She is the sweetest thing ever!

Here are all four of them with the boys not long after we got them. Bunny, Daisy, Cocoa and Lucy!



Here is sweet Daisy!



March was full of work around the farm, goats and homeschooling!  We also enjoy our church family very much and getting to spend time with them!  Helping friends move, fellowship time and going to church are some of the highlights of our week!  Noah has spent a lot of his time starting our garden!  He has a special love for plants and flowers that we enjoy encouraging!  He has a lot of plants started and ready to go when the weather permits.

April was our 14 anniversary!  We spent a special night out on the town with some of our dear friends.  We enjoyed  a wonderful meal at a Brazilian steakhouse in Columbus, Ohio.  Our friends had their anniversary a few days before ours.  It was a night of laughter and fellowship.  Shan and I enjoyed our trip there and back.  It was nice to talk and share some time together on our big day!



The next big event in our family should be the birth of a new nephew!  My sister, Lindsay is due anytime and I can’t wait to meet him, snuggle and take some pictures!

There is the re-cap so far!  We are looking forward to some wonderful spring days outside!  I’m sure you are too.


2 thoughts on “What’s New?

  1. How fun to have the goats! 🙂 I’d like you to share with me more about the book. 🙂 Sounds interesting and I’ve been trying to make some lifestyle changes but you know how hard that is……So can you tell me more? Have a BLESSED evening!

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