Food is Not My Comforter, God is.

sugar1I was tired, miserable, lethargic, uncomfortable, sweaty and sick.  I am writing this out for the first time in my life just so I can remember it.  I want to remember how bad I felt so that I won’t ever turn back.  I don’t expect to do perfectly the rest of my life but, I’ve learned so much.  I KNOW what I’m doing to my body when I don’t care what I’m putting into it.  Not only am I hurting myself but, I’m hurting my family and sinning against the Lord.  For me, this is a sin issue.  I’m not speaking for everyone.  I will only speak for my own heart.

As a kid I learned to eat to comfort myself.  At 7 or 8 years old, you don’t know that is what you are doing.  At 38, I do!  I had learned the habit so well that I let it be my go-to!  I didn’t even think about it or even know that I was doing it.  I become frustrated with a situation or angry about a problem and I’d eat.   How in the world does food replace an Almighty, Sovereign God?  I have been re-training my self to turn to God,  pray and to get into His word when trouble or anxious times come.  I’ve not got it down cold.  I have to remind myself to do it.   God is the one who has promised me that He cares for me, He loves me and that I can cast my cares upon Him.  Food can’t do that.  Food can’t commune with me, love me or truly give me the true comfort that I need.

Redefining food is what I am doing.  I am having to learn what God’s true purpose is for food and drink.  Nutrition, vitamins, minerals, hydration, to fight disease and on and on the list can go!  In the plan that I know God brought right into my life, Trim Healthy Mama, they have an excellent chapter in the book called, “Truths From the Bible”.  This helped bring to light many of the reasons why God created food and how He takes care of our needs.

I imagine that if you struggle with your weight as I have for a lifetime that you can relate with some of the things I’m talking about.  Maybe for others is a different addiction…gambling, drinking, tv, pornography, medication…the list is so long.  Food was my addiction.  Let me tell you that there is freedom.  Christ can give you freedom over any stronghold.   I do know that I will fail tomorrow without the help of the Lord.  He is my Strength.

Lord, help me to remember:

Food is not my comforter, God is.  

1 Peter 5:6-7  “Humble yourselves therefore under the mighty hand of God, that he may exalt you in due time: Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you.”

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3 thoughts on “Food is Not My Comforter, God is.

  1. Jen, I totally identify with this. I as well struggle with the sin of eating for comfort or stress. Mine is processed sugars. This has been a journey for me for almost a year now (actually when I finally submitted to the root of the problem, and called it what it was). It is so important for me to call it what it is when I am searching the cupboards around 4 pm. Many preach and warn against fleshly addictions, while we allow ourselves and others to go on with the secret sin of gluttony. Thank you for sharing. Love you friend!

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