Advent On a Dime

At our home this is a sweet time of the year.  We love the month of December!  Christmas is a tricky holiday for us.  We try hard to balance it out in our house.  We put a lot of prayer and thought into this time of the year and what we will do with our family.

This year my friend, Cindy challenged me to step outside of my comfort zone a bit!  I’m used to talking about the Lord and my way of eating but, sharing crafty ideas haven’t been on my radar!   I’ll admit that I enjoyed it!  For two years I’ve been deciding what to do for Advent.  I made some things last year and didn’t like them so they were scrapped.  This year I had some ideas after spending a day with my mom and got to work.  These are EASY ideas!!

First of all, I found this not-so-adorable candle holder at a garage sale for $2.  My sweet neighbor passed away and the family has been holding garage sales for weeks.  I noticed the candle holder earlier but, not til their 4th sale did it dawn on me that it had 5 candles and would be perfect for Advent!  Here it is in all of it’s glory!  It’s taller than it looks in the picture…probably over 12 inches high.


It did have 5 teal glass candle holders on them.  Some were cracked and they were not so attractive. My first job was to sand the wood down and to paint it.  I kept going back and forth and finally decided just to paint it black.  I toyed around with glueing mason jars or jelly jars to the holder but, they were just too large.  I found small candle holders at Meijer’s for .70 cents a piece and knew they’d work well with tea lights!  Here’s my finished Advent candle!


I know it’s not beautiful to some but, in our country home, I love it!  It also reminds me of our precious neighbor and to pray for their family.  I love a nice centerpiece that cost me under $5 for the candles, holders and the piece itself.

The next trip I made was to Hobby Lobby!  I could live there…really.  I love burlap!  It’s all my mom’s fault!  I saw this ribbon and had to buy it!  I knew it would work well for what I wanted to do for my 25 days “pouches” I was going to make.  After a felt disaster last season I wanted to try something different.   I also bought these tiny nativity ornaments, a paint pen and some magnetic strips.


I cut them into pieces about 3 inches so they were the size I wanted when folded in half!  I am in love with the ribbon!  Use hot glue!  Elmer’s glue just won’t work.


I have a wonderful helper, Titus.  He was great at cutting the magnetic strips into pieces for me!  He also put the strips on the back of each pocket. Please involve the kiddos in your projects if they are big enough to help!


I put a little ornament in each pocket.  I’m using some bible passages in other pockets as well.


I have a really  neat magnetic heart that my dad and Linda bought for me a few years ago.  I thought it would be perfect for our Advent calendar!  The ribbon was the most expensive thing I was still about $4.  I spent about $12 dollars total between the candle holder and the Advent calendar. I love how it turned out!  I hope this gives you a fun, easy idea to do with your family!  Here is the finished product!


I would suggest John Piper’s book for Advent, which is free as an Ebook here.


I would highly suggest Elyse Fitzpatrick’s book, “ Counting The Days, Lighting the Candles“.


I pray this time of the year is special to you and your family!!  Enjoy the season and make sure to make Jesus the King!

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