Christmas at Mom’s House

DSC_0080Do you have a place you go to at Christmas time that just resonates in your heart?  I do.  It’s my mom’s house.  She is a wonderfully, talented decorator and her home is always warm and cozy.  I went to her home to make some ornaments one day last month and took some pictures while I was there.  She has so many  neat antiques in her house and ideas you can get from just looking around.  I will do a post later with the ornaments that we made together and with the kids on Thanksgiving!  Easy and cute!

Anyone who has been to my mom’s house knows how inviting it is!  She loves antiques, country items and has a style all of her own.  I love visiting her home anytime of the year but, during November and December it becomes even more special to me.  Inviting and cheery!   Mom has an eye for what works and what doesn’t. She was great at decorating before Pinterest, I might add.  I know she now finds fun ideas on Pinterest that she brings to life at home.

So, I just wanted to show you a peak into her house!  She’ll forgive me! Her living room is my favorite place.



Her love for burlap shines through!  Her curtains are my favorite!  I want to get some for my living room. Her tree is extra cute this year full of burlap and ornaments.


Two wonderful examples of easy DIY projects are in this shot!  Two different empty window frames that she transformed for Christmas time!  The top is a foam board, I believe that she then painted the words on.  I love her way of writing. The bottom window on the bench is so cute too!  She put some fancy paper in the window panes and bought some letters from Hobby Lobby and painted them black!  SO cute!


Mom recently painted her fireplace teal!  I love teal!!  I love her simple mantle, old sled and shutter.  Very cozy.


Mom’s stack of suitcases, old camera, thermos and chalkboard.  Charming!!  I love how it looks.



Details around mom’s tv area.  Sprigs of greenery make any spot wintery!  Mom and I have always loved snowmen.  Next is mom’s dining room.


She made the fun garland/swag the other day from different ribbons and burlap!  I love it!!  Sprigs of greenery also bring in a holiday flair!  Below is another cute buffet full of fun and cute accents.  I love her type writer!





Even the light fixture and doorways get a little dressed up for the season!  I do love how she updated her dining room area by replacing her old light globes with mason jars!  I love mason jars!

I just wanted to show you my favorite holiday spot!  I know many of you feel the same way about your mom’s house.  I hope you got some fun Christmas ideas from seeing her home.  I’ll post close ups of some of her ornaments and the fun crafts we did with the kids at Thanksgiving next week!

My mom know how to Deck the Halls!


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