DIY Ornaments and Kids Crafts

I wrote recently about my mom’s home during the holiday season! If you missed it you can check it out:

Christmas at Mom’s House

I decided to do a separate post about the ornaments she worked on this year since there were so many cute ideas!  I think MOST of them can be done with your kiddos!  These first ornaments are a BIG favorite of mine.  I love burlap and the old wooden measuring stick she used.  Old buttons are also something I love to look at.


She bought these clear ornaments at Hobby Lobby and filled them with burlap as well.  I love how they look!


Adding a simple G to the ornament is a nice touch on our tree at home!


I love the burlap flowers she made for her tree! You can also get a glimpse of how she hot glued twine around a red bulb to make it match her tree!  Very clever!


Simple ideas here in just writing phrases of Christmas or song titles on a gift tag!


At our family Thanksgiving mom had crafts ready for the kids.  Candy cane ornaments!


Mom is helping Cooper with his ornament.  Above Molly is doing a super job making hers.


Another great project was painting the tips of the pinecones white to make little Christmas trees!


Titus added extra BLING to his little Christmas trees.


Mom made a neat Christmas tree with the four grandkids handprints!  Messy but fun!


It’s fun to be messy!


I hope this gives you a few easy ideas to add to your Christmas season!  You can jazz up your tree easily with a little imagination!  I love her homemade ornaments.  Having crafts ready for family gatherings is a great way to keep the kids busy and to create fun memories together!

Check back soon as I share with you some of my favorite ornaments from my tree!


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