My Favorite All-Natural Products

I wanted to post about some of my favorite beauty products!  I am not one to spend a lot on makeup or beauty items.  When I was single I did but, for years I’ve just been pretty basic.  One thing I don’t tell everyone often is that I have has Psoriasis since I was about 7 years old.  Many things irritate my skin!  One of those things is lotion.  I used to go to a fancy store and purchase perfume filled lotions all the time but, my psoriasis would puff up and burn.  The past two years I’ve been using the same all natural lotion and  I love it!  It doesn’t burn at all when I put it on. It smells nice and I know I’m not putting any harmful toxins into my body.  Win-win!!

Here is a list of the all natural ingredients in the lotion:

grape seed oil, organic coconut oil, shea butter, beeswax, almond oil, jojoba oil,
organic aloe vera, distilled water, organic cornstarch,
vitamin E, grapefruit seed extract

Keep it fragrance free or add an essential oil of your choice: 

(orange, lemon, lime, lemon/lavender, orange/rosemary,
vanilla, peppermint, vanillamint, wintergreen,
spearmint, lavender, jasmine, ylang-ylang, carrot seed)


Another product I use often is Herbal Healing Balm! Here is what it is used for:

“Our Herbal Healing Balm supports 
healing and promotes tissue repair of
small abrasions, chapped skin, sun burns,bites, minor cuts, eczema, etc.

This is a wonderful balm to have tucked away into
your purse and in your medicine cabinet.  “

organic extra virgin olive oil infused
with organic comfrey leaf, organic calendula,
and organic plantain leaf, beeswax,
rosemary and lavender essential oils

001 - Copy

Here is a sweet little gift package Goodness & Grace has put together!  I have some of the Vanillamint lotion at home and it is my new favorite scent!  My second favorite is Lavender!


Last but, not least…I love Homemade Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla!  The taste is far better than any extract you can buy at the store! I know it’s not a beauty item but, it’s one of my favorite products that they offer!

001 - Copy (2)

The girls at Goodness & Grace sell lip balm, sugar scrubs, deodorant, and Dreamy Diaper Cream to name a few!  You should check out their little store and stock up on these lovely products for yourself!  You’ll find pricing and sizes on their blog!

Goodness & Grace

***To place an order please contact Kristi at


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