One Year Trim-a-versary!

UnknownI’m so excited to have hit my ONE YEAR on Trim Healthy Mama!

A bunch of girls from my church and in homeschool circles in Columbus, OH were ordering books last December.  One of my dear friends, Janet told me about the plan.  I told her to add me to the list of ladies ordering.  I don’t think I realized at that moment what all the Lord was going to do in my life in the weeks to come.  I had NO idea.  I got my book and read as quickly as I could.  I know I kept having one light bulb after another turn on in my brain!  I had been on so so many “diets” and this book was busting the rules to most of those plans…if not ALL of them!  Atkins, WW, Low cal, low fat, Jenny Craig, Formula 3, etc…my mind was being blown!

I won’t name the ideas that were life changing for me as that is what the book is for!  The authors, Pearl and Serene, worked for five years to write the book!!  The work and effort they’ve put in is priceless to me and so many others who have had their lives changed.

I will tell you this:

  • I am eating good food!
  • I am not hungry.
  • I don’t count points!
  • I don’t count calories!
  • I don’t count fat grams!
  • I enjoy healthy carbs.
  • I love butter, coconut oil and olive oil!
  • I enjoy my veggies, berries and fruits!
  • I love desserts!  Cake, fudge, cookies and cheesecake!

There’s just a few of the things I CAN tell you! 🙂

I can also say that I am a happier, healthier, stronger person right now than I ever was one year ago.

Praising God today for changing me.  I am thankful for this book and how God used it to speak to my heart.  If you are overweight or unhealthy and you need help, read the book!!  This book is NOT about being skinny or about losing weight quickly.  This is about being healthy and eating to live life to the fullest!  I really do believe that!

Just a little post on my Trim-a-versary!!  To God be the Glory for all He is doing!

Last Christmas…


and now…down 70 pounds!


To learn more about Trim Healthy Mama visit their website!  You can always contact me if you have any questions.

Check out Gwen’s Nest  and see her awesome kitchen pantry makeover, PLUS a bunch of great THM style recipes and tips!


15 thoughts on “One Year Trim-a-versary!

  1. Congratulations Jen! So thankful for how the Lord has used THM for you and now rippling out to others! Thank you for your inspiration and help!!

  2. Congratulations!!! You look amazing!!!!!! But the most important part is how you feel!!!! I am right there with you feeling amazing!!!!!

  3. Congratulations! I can’t wait til I celebrate a year – and more. Making Hearty Red Soup for dinner tonight, the whole house smells amazing. I love feeling healthy and making great food for my family. Thanks for the encouragment!

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  5. Just came across this post…you look beautiful! Love following everything you post, and take special notice when you advise folks on FB. You have been a blessing to me in my 2+ weeks on THM!

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