My Birthday Gift and a Trim Healthy Mama Giveaway!

Today has been an emotional day for me!  I’m writing this post the day before my actual 39th birthday!   My mind was whirling today with all the tremendous blessings that God has given to me this past year of my life.   38 had it’s ups and downs but, the UPS outweigh the downs by far!  I have a precious family.  Through infertility struggles, God gifted me two boys.   He also gave me an incredible husband that I truly adore.  (now I’m crying)  Next month is our 15th anniversary!  Here are my three men….three of my most treasured gifts.


This birthday comes with joy!  I have so much more than I did on my last birthday.  I was about two months along in my Trim Healthy Mama journey this time last year and doing well.  God was giving me my health back!  This year has been incredible for me as I see His hand at work.  It is only through Him that I have persevered and stayed on course.  This past year has held many changes…

  • No more blood pressure medicine.
  • From a 26 to a 16 in my pants! 🙂
  • No more heartburn…not once since I started THM!  That was a nightly battle.
  • No more leg swelling when I sit in the car.
  • I can take on and off my wedding ring!  It was stuck.
  • I wore my wedding dress again this past fall when I hit that number! Picture here.
  • I went down a half size in my shoes!  (I didn’t know you could do that!)
  • I can sit in the tub and have a few inches of space on the sides!
  • I can fit in a booth very comfortably!  I used to need a table!
  • I wore a belt this past Sunday!  A BELT!!
  • I walked a 5K this past summer and plan on two more this summer! (CrAzY!)
  • I have a lot more energy! I can keep up much better with my boys!
  • I can help with hauling wood or chores outside that I couldn’t do before.
  • My 7 year old can hug me around the waste and touch his hands together. He noticed that the other day. 🙂
  • Seat-belts fit much better!

I can name many more!!  Sometimes sitting and counting these little non-scale victories are so encouraging to my heart!  It’s not just about the inches or the pounds, it’s about being healthy!


I started a Facebook page for my blog to post updates, recipes, verses, etc and I had a little giveaway planned.  I said when I hit 500 “likes” I’d have a giveaway!  Well, I flew past that much faster than I expected.  You all are such great cheerleaders!  So, here is the prize package I’ll be sending to ONE of my friends from my Home With a Purpose Facebook page!  You need to have “liked” my page to enter.   Here is a peek at the goodies in the package.  I’m also going to send some recipes in the mail to you that I’ve posted on my blog this past year as well!


Plus my friends at Goodness and Grace have offered to add some of their all natural lotion to the prize!!  Visit Goodness & Grace to see more about their skin care line!  Amazing products!!  You can order from them at


This contest starts today, March 12th!  Leave a comment on my blog to enter!  I want to hear one of your non-scale victories!   I will be making sure the winner has “liked” my FB page as well.  Your name will be corresponding with a number (in order of messages) and I will triple check to make sure of the winner!  I’ll be posting the winner here on my blog and on the Facebook page on Monday, March 17th!

Join me on Facebook:  Home With a Purpose- Jennifer Griffin

Ready, SET…GO!!!

 1 Cor. 10:31  So, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God. 


395 thoughts on “My Birthday Gift and a Trim Healthy Mama Giveaway!

  1. My greatest victory so far, is being able to fit my wedding ring on again. And feeling more energetic for my young kids. Its only been a month and half on plan, and I feel great.

    • So thankful for God’s blessings on you. Congratulations!! My husband and I have been on THM for almost a month. Before THM we both were not resting well and he HAD problems with heartburn. Since THM we both are resting better at night and his heartburn has went away. We are both losing at a slow pace it seems, but God is faithful in allowing us to feel healthy so that we may serve others. Thank you for offering the giveaway!

    • Greatest victory so far for me is realizing that my weight battle has for the past 16 years of my marriage been insulin instability. So happy to see you are having many of the same victories as I have. Keep on!!

    • I am so encouraged by your story and progress! I have been doing THM for two months. I have dropped pant sizes but most importantly I have more energy. Much needed with six kids. I used to drink Starbucks with 3-4 shots everyday and a zero red bull in the afternoon to make it through my day. Now I have a cup of homemade coffee in the morning and sometimes oolong tea in the afternoon.

  2. You have been such a blessing to me! Thanks for sharing your journey. Have a blessed day and year – you’re going to ROCK 39!

    • Happy Birthday! I’d have to say my greatest victory with THM is being able to eat until I’m actually full and yet not gain weight. That’s huge for me. I had already lost most of the weight I wanted to lose before I found THM, but was barely eating anything to stay that way. To say I was hungry was an understatement 🙂

    • Thank you so much for all your posts on the Trim Healthy Mama page Facebook page. I don’t know if you realize what an inspiration you are. Happy Birthday to a wonderful lady.
      I only started THM a month ago. I have only list about four pounds. My big victory was going for a checkup with my doctor and finding out my blood pressure was like that of a 30 year old (I turned 60 last December). It is usually much higher. I was diagnosed last year with sleep apnea. Praying I lose 50 pounds and say goodbye to these unwanted ailments. Praying for more energy. I am so thankful for Trim Healthy Mama.
      God bless you and your family!

  3. My biggest non scale victory is developing a love for veggies. In the past I have hated cooked veggies. I made broccoli the other night and had SECONDS! Steamed broccoli and I ate two helpings. It was an eye opener as to what carb and sugar overload can do. Not only can it make you overweight and unhealthy but in my opinion- it can give you a false liking or disliking for food! Once the sugar was out of my system- I have developed a whole new taste for food ;). May you have a happy, healthy and blessed year! happy birthday!

  4. I ordered Trim Healthy Mama during my last pregnancy to get some new recipe ideas after being diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes. It was hard initially to learn a new way of eating carb consciously but the pay-off has been so worth it! It is so nice to feel comfortable in my own skin- literally! 🙂 I think that is the best thing about this THM way of life. Serene and Pearl put it well in their rap, “We are proud of who we are, but we’re not Prima-donnas!”

  5. One of my non-scale victories is that my teen daughter is happily participating. I’ve been ill and off-plan the last couple of days, so as we talked over options for dinner, she begged for an on-plan dinner. She prefers how she feels and dislikes the after-cheat icky feeling she experiences. She’d been headed down the same path, only faster, toward diabetes and other health issues, but has already dropped at least a size (we don’t measure or talk numbers for her) and has more energy. She also helps plan meals. Woot!

  6. One of my biggest non-scale victories is the healing I have found for my insulin resistance and pre-diabetes. Through THM I have been able to get my blood glucose under control for the first time ever. ❤

  7. years ago I had lost a good amount of weight by watching and tracking my calories (starving to death). I had reached my goal weight and maintained it for about a year and a half. Well, I decided I had enough & I wanted to eat. Not only eat but devour all of the foods I had denied myself. needless to say I gained almost all that weight back 😦 last year I found THM & made some small changes. Well this year, with the encouragement of a friend, we both decided to just take the plunge & go full force into the THM plan. I’m so glad I did because I’m losing weight without feeling like I’m starving, I get to eat so many yummy foods… I would have NEVER guessed that I could eat my fats & not get fat. PTL! To me, this all is huge 🙂

  8. One of my greatest/favorite NON scale victories (out of many!) is learning to talk to people without being afraid! I KNOW that sounds stupid but I am so terribly shy, it is ridiculous. My husband marvels that I will tell strangers in a store about THM any day of the week but I get tongue tied around people I have known for years and will run off to a kitchen to do dishes if I can get away with it.

  9. Today is my birthday too!
    Happy Birthday. Like you, I am also a Buckeye, from Botkins ( near Lima). My husband and I just celebrated our 15th anniversary on Dec 31st, and we have 3 sons.
    Seriously, the next time I’m in Columbus- I’m going to email you and I’d love to meet you.
    I’ve just begun the THM journey, and I love your blog. We homeschool, but alas, we have no goats… 😦

  10. Okay, well now I’m embarrassed, I forgot my non-scale victory.

    Energy, it HAS to be all the energy. Being a homeschool mom of 3 rambunctious boys, I need lots and lots of energy!

  11. Biggest non-scale victory? I don’t think I could choose just one… but I will try…

    Um… I can cross-country hike with my husband, carrying a pack, without pain! I can play, actively, with our children! I can climb 3 flights of stairs without getting winded. I can bend over and tie my boots without feeling off-balance!

    Our oldest son picks me up and swings me around every time he comes home to visit… and even when he sees me in town! My bra size has gone down from a 42 to a 34; my jeans from a tight 18, to a Levis 501 30″ waist! I was called, several times, the “tiny, little woman” at a meeting the other evening! (Of course, these are friends who remember me over 50 pounds heavier – so I took the compliments with a grin!)

    Ok, so my list actually covers an additional quarter-mile of “I can”… so, THAT is probably my biggest non-scale victory! Thank you, Jennifer for being such an inspiration!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! ❤

  12. My spirit/mood swings/ uncontrollable irritations even at my children and husband are almost non existent now. Something I was really struggling with and thought it was purely emotional spiritual. Who knew the way you eat could affect you that much.

  13. I just started THM in January. I don’t have any non-scale victories to report yet (in fact, I’m more of a turtle when it comes to weight loss). My husband is also doing it with me. He has been wanting to lose weight for a long time, but didn’t want to do it alone. I got to the point where I was tired of gaining weight with each pregnancy and not losing it. I am not seriously overweight scale wise, but I got to the point where I looked pregnant even when I wasn’t (even my hubby thought I was!), and my face was chubbier than it had ever been. Being 3 1/2 mos. pregnant now, I’m still not sure if my stomach is still protruding because I am pregnant or because of not losing the fat from before! I was NOT liking how I looked. I started this pregnancy about the same time I announced by 10th pregnancy. I want to be healthy during this pregnancy, esp. with me getting older (I’m 43). I want more energy for a newborn and for my other kids. I want my heartburn and eczema to go away and never return!! (I have still had bad heartburn, even on THM). My husband doesn’t even want to weigh himself. He thinks he hasn’t lost anything because his food portions are too big. I want him to see some results. My husband is great about everything I have cooked on plan, even if it has been a flop. He’s a trouper 🙂 Sometimes I make a yummy dessert/shake, and he says, “This can’t be good for me. It tastes too good!”. My teen daughter was telling my teen son about the chocolate MIM (who had never had one before today), and she said, “Where else (than on THM plan) can you eat chocolate and lose weight?” lol My 11 y.o. dd sees me looking through Facebook, and when she sees a recipe, she asks, “Is that on plan?” Most of the time it is (THM group page) 🙂 BTW, I am signed under your FB page under Kegans Tribe Colorado.

  14. Happy birthday! I hope the year ahead is filled with many more blessings! Thank you for the blessing you have been to the THM community! Some milestones I have hit are – off one blood pressure med. and I am fitting into 1 size smaller pants. I started 1/13/14. Praise the Lord!

  15. One of my biggest non-scale victories is bringing a mess of friends and family along for the ride! Because of the changes they have seen in me, I have a bunch of others who are now on the Trim, Healthy Mama life changing train.

  16. my favorite part is I have never ever been under 190 since before high school and now I am smaller than that at 183 pounds and a size 12 who knew that was ever possible and that is just where I plateaued so this summer when I. fix it’s gonna be amazing god is good

  17. You should be so very proud of your accomplishments! I know that you inspire me! I thank God that He created you to have love and compassion on the rest of us for you to share this journey…to encourage us, teach us and love us to better health! My “non-scale” victory is that I have overcome drugs, co-dependency, my marriage has survived for 20 years, my children and grandchildren are healthy, my husband and I have jobs, a roof over our heads, food in the fridge and a car to take us to and fro. We know the LORD and what could be better?? Winning the LOTTERY or overcoming another mountain?? Happy Birthday Jennifer…may God bless you with many many more!!! I pray blessings and favor more abundant than the past year!!! 🙂

  18. Before ThM, I was a VCM…..very crabby mommy! Lol. I had no energy, I just wanted to sleep. And I was always on the edge. Now that I’m doing THM, I apparently also found my patience (must have been hiding under those 24 pounds) I’m over all just more happy!

  19. What a wonderful way to celebrate your special day! 🙂 I love that you can look over the last year and see so many blessings! I started THM in late August of last year (just before my 40th birthday) and have been feeling great! I have lost over 30 pounds and have 11 left to go. Your encouragement, recipes, and tips are so helpful. May God bless you with many more blessings today and throughout this year!

  20. My non-scale victory is finally feeling well. I don’t wake up bloated and sick from sitting down at night having grazed through multiple things from the fridge and pantry every night, never satisfying that “need.” Instead, I AM having a nightly snack that is yummy, satisfying, and yet I wake up feeling great and ready to start the day! Another nsv is that I have so much more energy than I did prior to THM. Happy birthday, Jennifer! And may God richly bless this year ahead!

  21. Happy Birthday Jen! You are an inspiration and encouragement to me. One of my biggest non-scale accomplishments has been eliminating my sugar cravings. I didn’t realize how much I was damaging my systems with sugar. Now if sugar creeps into my daily consumption (either by accident or with eyes wide open:-) ) I feel horrible. Eliminating sugar has greatly improved my mood and reduced my inflammation. Love that we are journeying on THM with lovely ladies like you. Enjoy your day!

  22. Biggest non-scale victory would be getting through eat day the THM way! All the little things really add up to the big things in the end 🙂
    I love all your recipes and photo’s- you make being a THM easier! Thanks for sharing your journey with us as we go through our own 🙂

  23. congrats Jennifer! you look amazing! my favorite THM non-scale victory is not having to move the table when I sit in a booth at a restaurant….right along with having wrist bones! I love looking down at my hand when I’m driving and seeing a wrist bone. strange? maybe!

  24. I put my wedding ring on for the first time in a year this week. And my biggest pair of jeans I own became my TighT jeans. I refused to but another pair an knew I needed to do something when I had to wear them unbuttoned one day…..yeah…..those jeans,,,,,,now I can breathe in them. Pretty soon I will be down a size.

  25. You are such an inspiration Jennifer! I think my biggest non scale victory is just overall feeling better, my blood pressure medicine being cut in half, and I expect on my next visit to not need it at all. I have been on this journey for six months! And I am so thankful to God for THM.

  26. Wow, incredible testimony! Happy Birthday. I am 41 years old and I could not lose on WW. I was so thankful to find THM too. It has helped 6 friends and family I know to get healthier and lose weight. Glad to be on board with you and all these other lovely women. I Praise The Lord for your story and health! :).

  27. I have gone from a 16 to an 8. I have tons more energy. I require less sleep. My girls are seeing a better example of eating…how it makes their moods better! By the way happy birthday….I will be 39 in December! 🙂

  28. I am finally starting to realize that my goal should be one of health and not a quick diet. Slowly reprogramming my mind!

  29. Jennifer, Happy birthday! You have been such an inspiration and a great helper to me since I started THM in mid-January. I love your blog and reading your THM FB posts. Today, I have officially lost 25 lbs. with THM. My best non-scale victory so far is being able to sit in a booth without touching the table! 🙂

  30. Love watching your progress and reading your yummy recipes. Even my husband who doesn’t do THM reads all the success stories on fb. 🙂 So happy for you, and Happy Birthday!

  31. Love…Love…Love this post. You are an inspiration to me. I am on chapter 12 in Trim Healthy Mama. This book was written for me.:) Still trying to process all I am learning. Look forward to all your helpful hints and posts. I love you girl. Happy birthday!

  32. I just started 4 weeks ago. The biggest victory I’ve had, besides the 6 lb weight loss, is feeling HOPE for the first time in many many years!!! ❤

  33. You are a joy to follow. Even though my weight loss is very slow, my clothes are loser and I love THM with all the options there are. It is a way of eating for life that I can live with joyously.

  34. Non-scale victories include exercise! The fun, short bursts workouts are effective in toning and energizing. I love the way that THM celebrates food and not forcing a diet mentality, too. (P.S. – You have an awesome testimony and thanks for hosting a give-away!)

  35. I am so thankful for you sharing your journey and the inspiration to tweak our favorite recipes to fit on plan. Even my husband has jumped on board, “is this on plan?” We both have so much more energy (no 2pm slump) and sleeping better at night, as well as losing weight without starving! Thank you for being transparent and giving if yourself to others!

  36. My greatest non scale victory so far is not eating before I go to bed. I always used to have a snack but I find I am not hungry any more and I also have more energy which is hard when you have fibro. I love this new way of living. I am so excited for you and all of your accomplishments. Thank you for sharing with us.

  37. That’s fun that you are having a give away. I’ll be 61 at the end of the month. Hard to believe. I got the book in Dec but have lost a total of 15 or so lbs. Over the last year. I should be better by next year. I can get out of bed easily, more energy, less sore knees and by cholesterol is better. Between 53 and 57 I broke my right foot 3x, broke my right wrist area once, had a stenosis attack that lasted a year and have neurosis between some toes on my left foot. Always being careful not to irritate that. So I am going on 4 years broken free. So much stronger now. Yea!!!

  38. Non-scale victories help to keep me on plan when the scale doesn’t move as quickly as I’d like it to. One of my favorite victories is being able to zip/button skirts all the way! Yes, I have a few favorite skirts that I would just zip as high as they could go, then cover with a shirt. Well, I am happy to say the zipper zips all the way up now!

    Happy birthday to you!

  39. Jennifer, Thank you so much for what you do. You have truly been an inspiration to many, many people. (especially me ) I have been doing THM for only a couple of months and having ups and downs . HOWEVER, I am feeling so much better ! Although I have only lost about 10 pounds, my family and friends have noticed a difference. Even my boss noticed a difference ! I am so excited, I tell everyone about THM and the difference it will make in their health and their outlook on life. My blood pressure is down, I am still on meds but my goal is to get off all medications and enjoy life !

  40. I’ve only been on THM for about 7 weeks now. I’ve lost about 6lbs so the scale isn’t showing too much right now but my clothes are fitting so much better… plus I can wear my wedding band again, Yay!! 🙂 I’ve had 4 kids in 5yrs so pregnancy has definitely taken a toll on me. I’m so excited for this new journey I am on and people like you and Gwen and the rest of the THM family makes this journey so fun and personal! I feel like I know you guys so well even though I really don’t lol. Anyhow, you are such an inspiration along with all the other THM members. Thank you for all your help, encouragement and support!!

  41. Happy birthday!
    My biggest non-scale victory is knowledge. I love understanding how food works in the body and being able to use that knowledge to figure out the best way to nourish my body and I feel so much better having implemented THM. I sing the praises of THM everywhere I go and I am so blessed to have found THM and the great support system available.

  42. My greatest non scale victory is that I have room in my scrubs now, when I started my job in Sept I had pretty much no extra room and they were tight around my hips ————– no more!!!!

  43. You are such a treasure and such an inspiration. I’m so pleased with how God has used you this year and has blessed you so incredibly because of your commitment to Him. Thank you for all the recipes you share as well as your experiences. Have a very blessed day and may our Savior continue to bless you even more in the coming new year. ❤

  44. Happy Birthday Jennifer! and Woohoo on the victories…scale and non scale! AWESOME! My non-scale victory is the freedom with food now…before I was so stringent that I couldn’t enjoy food but now there is freedom there! So thankful for that!!!

  45. My biggest non scale victory is going from a Drive Thru Sue to a THM ~ someone who cooks from scratch and enjoys being in the kitchen now…

  46. My greatest non – scale victory was on day 6 when my hubby told me that he already noticed differences like I have more energy and have a more positive outlook on life 🙂 Praise the Lord!!! And I feel good just knowing that I am putting healthy things I to my body now and that I have friends that are doing this along side me and are such an inspiration and encouragement 🙂

  47. You are such an inspiration. I love this lifestyle. My major non-scale victory has to be the energy. I am a homeschooling mamma of eight. I know it’s not selfish to take care of me. I feed myself good food and get myself moving. And, I am feeding my kids more nourishing foods. Thanks for all you do, and your recipes are amazing. Happy Birthday!

  48. Jen, you are such an example to so many! Praying God pours out abundant blessings on you this year! I haven’t tried THM but have been on a weight loss journey. One of the things I’m thankful for is that this past week during a very dark time I’ve been able to lean on God and not emotionally eat, that’s a big thing for me because I have always been an emotional eater. Love you my friend!

  49. Freedom from the idea of eating very little and the scale going up up up. I eat a lot more food and am losing weight and inches.

  50. I am so happy for you! We have a lot in common😄 My non-scale victory is my blood work! Triglycerides and A1c went from extreme unhealthy levels to healthy levels in just two months!

  51. Jennifer, I am so glad you have a blog sharing your victories! I am in my second month of THM and have used many of your tips and recipes. I’m hovering around 14 lbs done, with about 70 to go. I’m in it for the long haul!
    Keep doing what you are doing. Many of us are encouraged and motivated by you! ❤ HUGS! I am on Facebook as Keith-Rachael Hoffmeyer 🙂

  52. I’ve only been on this plan 2 weeks, but my biggest non-scale victory so far was being able to say no to donuts, which have been my kryptonite in the past. I feel SO good on THM that I didn’t even feel the desire to eat the donut – I just made some THM donuts when I got home!

  53. Jennifer Griffin, so happy for you and the success that you have had! You have been such an inspiration to me and so many others in the THM world, the way you open your heart to all of us, is felt thru the blog posts, and the comments on FB!! I am thankful that I have found THM and also that you have been apart of the learning process that goes with THM, you are a blessing to me and many others. God has truly given you a gift of heartfelt communication, that spans across the miles and the internet!!! Prayers for you and your lovely family!!!

  54. Hi Jennifer, I have lost 30 lbs. so far, started Jan 1st. I too noticed the “no heartburn” right away. My husband and I were in a motorcycle accident last summer, and I gained weight after because walking was hard for me. I feel so much better now and legs are still sore, but I can do so much more now. Thank you and God Bless! Love your recipes!

  55. Congratulations on your achievements! One of my non-scale victories was that recently I was able to fit into a small booth at a restaurant. Without thinking I sat down in one and there was a time not long ago that I couldn’t even get into that booth, let alone get back out easily if I did manage to squeeze into it. Well this time, I had lots of room to spare. Woo hoo for small victories!

  56. First, congratulations on a birthday, what must seem to be a rebirth day! Rejoice in the littlest of miracles and blessings, and then to look back at where you were to where you are today, must be overwhelming. God bless, and enjoy your birthday. So proud of your accomplishments.

  57. Mine is just enjoying trying on clothes again and finding things that actually fit. It’s been a long time. Love your blog and THM. You have a bright future ahead.

  58. This is only day 10, but my energy levels have increased greatly and I have to keep pulling my pants up!! My skin is also clearing up and I feel great!! So happy and excited for what’s yet to come! So thankful for THM!
    Happy Birthday 🙂

  59. Big Non-Scale Victories:

    1. Fitting into some of my pre-pregnancy suits again for work.

    2. My husband actually enjoying eating my “diet/new lifestyle” meals!

    Thank you for all of your comments and THM recipes! You are very inspiring 🙂

    Happy Birthday!

  60. This is so awesome! I love the changes you included – even going down in your shoe size! I only recently started my journey, but my biggest non-scale victories so far have been fitting into clothes that I could no longer wear. And not cringing every time I put on a pair of jeans.
    Happy Birthday!

  61. My greatest non scale victory is being able to get off stage during meet and greet at church, walk around and great everyone, and go back on stage and sing without being winded.

  62. I’ve been stalled for a while, so I think about these often. I love that I don’t have the midday sugar slumps any more! Even with the occasional long night ( I have six young children) I have enough energy to do all that I need to do!

  63. Congrats and Happy Birthday! A funny victory story for me: I am down almost 20# on THM. The other day my kids said that my boobs looked bigger now that my stomach wasn’t as big! Hahaha!!!

  64. My non-scale victories include: not being controlled by food, sleeping through the night (used to be awake from 2-5ish every night which did not make me a fun person, and finally, not having to carry a bottle of immodium with me constantly. Thanks for all of your encouragement and suggestions. 🙂 Happy Birthday!

  65. Congratulations!!!!! Happy BIrthday!!! How exciting to have made it to your goal. I am still a long way from my goal but I am at a place where I am not having daily headaches and while the scale has not moved I am happy to have that victory. 🙂

  66. I had an incredible non-scale victory today in the shower! It was more of a breakthrough in my thought process. I realized that the solution to feeling overwhelmed is having a strategy/plan. It is my choice to either stay feeling overwhelmed or to make a plan. It doesn’t even need to be a complete “start to finish” plan…. having a plan for the first few baby steps will start me moving from “overwhelmed” to victory!

  67. My biggest non scale victory would be having the confidence that I can now try for baby number 4 and that when I do get pregnant I’ll feel better than I have in previous pregnancies and I’ll be much healthier this time around.

  68. Congratulations!!! AND…. Happy Birthday! You are an inspiration! I am seeing such great results with THM; after being so frustrated with other efforts and not losing any weight THM has brought me SO much freedom. I eat, enjoy my food and I still am losing weight 🙂 Two pant sizes down and one top size. Rings are loose. Earring still fit (HA!) So happy for you!

  69. My wedding ring is too big now…I have to have it re-sized but I’m waiting until I lose more. I have a plain band I can wear in the meantime. Down 3 sizes. Medications had been eliminated or the dosage has been lessened. I love THM!! Thank You Lord!!! 🙂

  70. My biggest non-scale victory is being able to walk by junk food and sweets over and over. I think the low-glycemic aspect of THM is such a huge blessing. I don’t fight cravings anything like I did in the past, and there are so many amazing alternatives!

  71. What an amazing testimony!! A small victory for me has been being able to cross my legs. Embarrassing, but true. Thank you so much for sharing with us, and may God continue to bless and keep your family.

  72. My biggest non scale victory would be not snoring!! It was so embarrassing to me. Just a few pounds and now my husband can quit jiggling the bed to get me to roll over. Ha, ha.

  73. Happy Birthday Jennifer! What an accomplishment! I think one of my greatest non scale victories (there are so many) is that I went from a size 11W shoe to a size 10! I’m like you, I didn’t know that could happen!

  74. Best nonscale victory is becoming sugar free: no more cravings, lots more engery & feeling healthier overall! Hope you have a wonderful birthday & thanks for sharing your journey.

  75. Happy Birthday! One of my non-scale victories: Making my cinnamon rolls for others and not even tempted to lick my fingers when I get some frosting on them.

  76. I only just received my book two days ago. But my daughter and I have both so excitied to start our life changing journey with Trim Healthy Mama.
    After 4 pregnancies with GD and feeling sluggish and run down it is so exciting that I have finally found somethingthat will help me get out there and enjoy life again.

  77. I “liked” your facebook page.:) And I have been doing THM for a little over a month. I would say my greatest non scale victory is that I no longer have numbness in my right hand. It was getting to where I couldn’t do any continuous motion for longer than a minute and my hand would go numb. the weight loss has taken pressure of my nerve…. yay! Also, I am no longer feeling bloated, It seemed like no matter what I ate, I felt bloated afterward, this has not happened since I have changed my eating habits. 🙂

  78. Happy Birthday! You are very inspiring! I’d have to say a victory I have had is less joint pain and headaches. When I eat right I feel much better!

  79. I’ve read your blog a few times and didn’t realize you have a fb page. Woohoo! Glad to be on this THM journey with you. Happy birthday!

  80. Happy birthday! Thanks for all your work as administrator on THM fb page. You are a blessing.
    Non-scale victories: more energy and enjoying yummy treats guilt free

  81. Happy Birthday!!! I think the best part of THM is the hope that it has given me for a future. I love that it is so hard to pick just one of the best non scale victories. I work for an airline, but haven’t wanted to fly for several years due to my size. I no longer need a seatbelt extension and fit comfortably in my own seat ( and also the smallest restaurant booths)! I love how this post remnded me of all of the wonderful changes! I feel enccouraged. Thank you!

  82. Happy Birthday! What a wonderful victory – 75 pounds gone forever! I have stalled big time (mainly from not following the plan carefully) but the 10 pounds I lost have not been regained. This is victory. I have many more to lose, but it is so difficult at my age and time of life (mid-50s). In the meantime, I measure success in small increments, 5 pounds at a time. I hope to lose 10 more pounds before my son’s wedding in May.

  83. I am just starting on the plan (yesterday in fact). I want to thank you so much for being an inspiration. I have been reading past blog posts and can’t wait to have time to read more.

  84. Congratulations and Happy Birthday! I’m about 50 lbs from my goal. It’s so encouraging putting on my pants that were tight when I started and have them button without a problem and also compliments I get from other people! Thank you for the giveaway!

  85. Congratulations! I’m just starting with THM. Actually, I’m finishing reading the book this week. As I’ve been reading, I’ve tried a couple of the recipes . I think my first non-scale victory would be the fact that I’m openly willing to try things now that I never thought I would be willing to try in the past.

  86. I am inspired by your success. I have been looking into THM for a couple of weeks because I have hit my heaviest point in my life and I am ready for a change. This prize would help me get started right. Congratulations and Happy Birthday!!!!

  87. I have 2 non scale victories. Well I guess one is a scale victory, but not for myself. My 12 year old son dropped 20lbs, he feels great, and when he eats off plan says he doesn’t like the way it makes him feel. Now for myself, having to buy a ring guard for my wedding rings, and wearing size 20 skirts instead of 24 & 26. I can go thrift store shopping, & be able to NOT look for 2x & 3x tops. I still want to lose 40-50lbs, getting excited to be able to look in the normal size clothes.

  88. wow! this is truly amazing! I just started THM and love your advice on the Facebook page, I’m so grateful for you and the other admins! Since I just started I’d have to say my non scale victory is getting a THM “sweet” that even my husband likes:)

  89. I’m only one week in but I’m relieved to have found what I think is the healthy and ballanced way of eating I was looking for!

  90. I guess my victory would be the fact that I suffered from horrible headaches for a year and a half every single day, and since starting THM 45 days ago I have only had two migraines and only one has been bad thanks be to God! This will be a lifestyle change for me!!

  91. I have 2 non-scale victories to report. One is that the other day at work, one of my coworkers said to me, “Hey baggy pants!” And it was at that point that I realized that my pants are getting baggy (which is a great thing because before THM, I couldn’t even button them anymore!) I have lost 2 pants sizes. Woo hoo!

    My other non-scale victory is my husband’s post on facebook earlier today. He said, “This Trim Healthy Mama has lost 40lbs!” It makes me so happy to see my family eat (AND ENJOY) THM and that it is making an impact far beyond just me. He loves declaring himself a “trim healthy mama” (lol) and telling others how he is losing weight and how he is always full, enjoys what he eats and feels so much better. Especially when he was so leery of doing THM in the first place.

    The non-scale victories are so plentiful. But combined, my husband and I have lost 72lbs, which I feel is such a blessing to our family. It can only get better from here. Slow and steady – winning the race together with Christ!

  92. Jennifer,

    I love all of your accomplishments! I would keep doing THM just for my shoe size shrinking! Ha! Ha! I am in my 3rd week and feel better than I have. The fact that my kids are asking for the food and not wanting to go “off plan” is great for teens! It is definitely a plan that anyone can do! Happy Birthday and congratulations on your successes.

  93. I’m so very new…only on my first week of THM. But I’m trying the new recipes and changing things as I learn more. So while I don’t have a victory to report with THM yet, per say….Before I started, I had already cut sugar out of my diet and stopped drinking sweet tea. For a southern girl, that’s a HUGE victory. Can’t wait to get healthier, get my family healthier and of course drop some more weight. Thank you for all of your encouragement.
    So now I HOPE I WIN! I didn’t realize you had that FB page, so I have liked it. Yay!

  94. The biggest blessing I have recieved is seeing all the amazing testimonies of changed lives. Thanks for sharing your story. It is so encouraging.

  95. Yay for you! My non-scale victories are being more coherent (I cheated once & got a sugar “haze” & headache immediately!) & also no heartburn. I just realized I haven’t taken any Tums since starting. And my back pain from having a herniated disc for 3 years now is dissipating! Woo God!

  96. Yay, Jessica! 🙂
    My non-scale victories are many but the top few are increased muscle tone, complete loss of sugar desire or appreciation, THM fruit popping up all around me in the people I share with, and last, but not least, my incredible enhanced kitchen skills. I feel like a kitchen chemist sometimes, and people often want to know what I’ve made lately. And, even though I’m the only one in my household who is fully “on plan”, they can’t wait to see what’s for dinner! 🙂
    And I love the THM fb groups & especially the Admins! ❤

  97. Way to go! Happy Birthday! I’ve only been on plan a week. I’m fighting the scale this second week but I can get through my days with much more stamina & energy which I love.

  98. I think the very first thing I noticed other then the pounds dropping was no more heartburn. I have tums all over the house because I always have heartburn. And now, three weeks without any heartburn! This alone is worth a party! 🙂

  99. Congratulations! That is so exciting. For me, the “victory” has been the freedom of food. No longer feeling guilty for eating and enjoying food because “I’m fat and shouldn’t eat…” It’s such freedom!

  100. Congrats and Happy Birthday! THM as helped me sleep peacefully…no carb crashes in the night and wake with no pain! I can say no sugar treats without feeling like a martyr! (Smiles). Lots of victories, huh?! My 24 year old daughter is learning healthy food styles…no struggling with weight like I did! Yippee!

  101. I have two favorite non scale victories, first is more energy, I don’t need a nap every day anymore! Second is my expanding wardrobe, I can fit back into my clothes from before I was married 6 1/2 years ago!

  102. Oh my word-your post has left me weepy-Praising God right along with you. My biggest nonscale victory-I’m learning to turn to the Lord (when I’m anxious, upset, worried, bored, ect..) rather than turning to food for comfort.

  103. I’m just beginning my THM journey, but what I have gained thus far is the change in my perspective that says, I now have hope that I will be able to be victorious in this new way of healthy eating/living.

  104. Happy 39th Birthday! Thanks so much for all you do for your fellow THMers! I know it must take a lot of your time and energy to keep up with it all. My biggest nonscale victory is I am so happy to have found an eating lifestyle that makes total sense to me in every way….nutritionally, Biblically, etc. I have tried so many “diets” in the past but this is the first one that makes complete sense! The food tastes great, the cost is not too excessive, the ingredients can be easily purchased and it is a lifestyle of eating that I can continue forever. I too have a 75 lb weight loss goal and hope to reach it before my birthday in August. But if not by August, I know I am eating healthy, am feeling great and have so much more energy than I used to! Once again, Happy birthday….enjoy your day!!!! 🙂

  105. Hope that your Birthday is filled with joy, family, and great THM Food! My biggest non scale victory has to be the change in my attitude . . . from there is too much weight to ever get rid of it all to well the weight will melt off even though its going to take a long time. I too can sit comfortably in a booth again! I think that my word for this year is encourage, so with that said, I’m going to go encourage someone!! Happy Birthday!

  106. Hi, Jennifer! So far my biggest non-scale victory is that I’m starting to feel good about myself again. I had lost 23 lbs several years ago, but had gained a good deal of it back over the past few years. My clothes were tight, and I just couldn’t feel good about myself because of the way I looked and felt in those tight clothes. I haven’t lost much weight yet, but my clothes fit SO MUCH better–I know I look better, which makes me feel better. I, too, have been heartburn free (again!) since being on THM, which is wonderful since I had gained so much weight and was eating so poorly that I was having daily bouts of it, just like I was having before I lost weight several years ago. Thanks for your encouragement and inspiration to us all!

  107. Started thm around 5 weeks ago when I was 14 weeks pregnant. Feeling better, lost some weight, shirts are looser but baby is growing! Met a friend that today that could see I look different… She almost thought I lost the baby!!!(I opened my coat and showed her the bump!!! Jen,you have been one of my favorite thm encouragers!!

  108. My biggest victory so far is ending my sugar/carb cravings and addiction! I’m still working on it, but I know I can get past it with God’s grace and THM! Thanks for all your encouragement and yummy recipes! Happy birthday, and congratulations!

  109. My greatest victory with THM (I too have just hit my 1 year anniversary) is that for the first time in six years, I am pregnant. I had totally given up the thought of ever getting pregnant again and had resigned myself to just having our two girls, but last month, we were shocked and surprised to find out we will be having a baby come the end of October. I have THM to thank for that.

  110. I am new to thm. I have the book and reading as I can and have most of the ingredients to get started! Next week I will be in full swing! You have such an inspiring story… Thanks for sharing.

  111. Happy Birthday Jennifer! Hope you have a special day! What I love about THM is that I’m getting healthier. My last labs have shown that all my numbers have changed for the better. Yay! You are an inspiration!! Keep up the great work.

  112. I am not sure if this will be a double post so sorry if you see this already. Anyway, that cereal looks interesting as I have been craving cereal lately. I’ll have to check it out. My non-scale victory is that my hormones are being rebalanced. Happy Birthday and congrats on your many non-scale victories.

  113. Happy Birthday and Congratulations! Just starting, have had 10 babies and looking forward to eating healthy and losing the added weight which came with them.

  114. I have been on THM for only 2weeks and 1 day and already my heartburn from a hiatal hernia is non-existent! Before it hurt so much I would have to hold my chest and hope I wouldn’t vommit. This is a much healthier way of life and my husband and 20 year old granddaughter are on it, too, since I am the cook! Happy birthday and thanks for the recipes and helpful tips!

  115. Happy Birthday!! Your story is uplifting and encouraging. I am just getting into THM and hope to be able to get the book soon. Blessings, Janet

  116. Happy Birthday!! What a wonderful and generous idea to gift others on your special day! :-). My greatest non-scale praise is no longer feeling guilt when I eat~and learning to eat lots of vegetables again!! In several months I will be turning 60, and happy to “recognize” myself in the mirror again 🙂 Shalom!!

  117. Happy birthday! 😀 I’ve really enjoyed reading about your progress. I’m new on the THM plan and I’m coming up on one full month of eating healthy. One of my teenagers said “you look thin” the other day and I almost fell over! High praise indeed from a teenager. It was a completely unprompted compliment, as rare as hen’s teeth and very much appreciated.

  118. My biggest non-scale victory is my hemoglobin A1c dropping .7 points in 6 months! My doctor was very satisfied! My husband’s victory is that he came off all of his meds! Yippee!

  119. Congrats and Happy Birthday!! I currently have not started my journey, but have enjoyed learning more about this lifestyle. I have been losing weight in a variety of ways the past year, but need to find a way to lose the remaining 25lbs and keep it off while enjoying being engaged/married this year.. Look forward to learning more about how I can improve my life.

  120. Happy Birthday to you! I’m a March baby too. I’m turning the dreaded 4-0! SHHH! Don’t tell 🙂 Although I have lost 12 lbs in 2 1/2 months, I haven’t lost a size yet 😦 I have been able to tighten my belt by one hole (and sometimes 2), but my greatest victory came yesterday when I put on a shirt I had bought right before I started. I hadn’t worn it in a month because I thought it was made wrong! It looked like it fit, it wasn’t tight at all when I bought it, BUT it didn’t have any give when I stretched and I had limited arm movement. Well, guess what! It isn’t made wrong! I have free arm movement and no restrictions 🙂 So, I will take my little victories and know that the smaller sizes will come. Thanks for doing the give away! Blessings to you!

  121. I know this sounds so silly, but I’m still just working on figuring out the system to be successful! I believe this to be a really great way of eating, that is doable and allows for actual food! Just need to figure out the steep learning curve to keep going and feel really good about myself!

  122. Happy birthday!!
    My biggest non scale victory so far, is feeling strong and light if that makes sense, I have so much energy that sometimes I feel like I hover rather than walk lol!
    It feels great and it’s so encouraging and motivating.
    I am learning that the scale matters less and less. It’s how I feel that is becoming my focus.

  123. My biggest non scale victory is eating sensibly again! I was so addicted to sugar and wheat that I felt constantly hungry, or more so felt the need to constantly eat it. I have beat the junk food addiction and couldn’t happier!

  124. Happy birthday! Congratulations on all your healthy changes. I am only I week in, but I am feeling better already. I am 18 weeks pregnant with #10. I was having severe heartburn until last week. I haven’t had any this week with THM!!!

  125. My greatest accomplishment thus far is the emotional hurdle that has been removed from my life and marriage. Ever since I had put on so much weight, I pushed my husband away, and my God away. I was one sad, unhappy camper. THM has helped me reconnect with Christ by learning to respect the body he gave me to take care of, and to open up and connect with my husband again. I’ve been on THM for 1 month, lost 13 lbs, and couldn’t be happier to keep going!

  126. I know this is more than one but definitely my blood sugar and energy level. I used to have terrible blood sugar crashes. I ate pretty good too! But I need to lower the carbs and pull the sugar completely out. I also have so much more energy!

  127. Happy birthday! I just celebrated my bday yesterday. I love that you are doing a giveaway on your bday! How awesome! I am pretty new at THM. I started January 17th but I am still experiencing some victories. Gotta love that! I will say that my best victory so far is knowing that my little girl is eating healthier and being able to see that she is getting healthier too! She has been overweight and I believe it has contributed to asthmatic problems. She has been doing much better, thank God! Thank you for sharing your journey with all of us! You are an inspiration to many. God bless!

  128. My non scale victory is I am still exercising and 34 weeks pregnant. I am looking forward to meeting our precious little one soon!

  129. Learning to find hidden sugars and find creative ways (in baby steps) to re-vamp recipes, is a first. Also, I’m aware of a way of life, that once I really understand the hows of the meal types and how to interchange them, with all the success stories, knowing THM is doable. And I love the shakes. Choc-PB, oh my!

  130. I am curious how many people have posted so far!! My victory is ENERGY!! I am 40 and have 4 boys and finally feel like I will have energy to keep up with them-cheerfully! Thanks for your investment in the beginners group!

  131. My greatest victory so far is knowing I am doing something better for my body. I haven’t lost tons of weight, but when I go “off” for travel, special occasion, etc I always have an awful headache the next few days of getting back on plan. I am deciding that extreme emergency is the onlyh reason I need to put myself in a position of having to detox from sugars again. I have decided that going off is not worth the headache!!!

  132. Totally new to THM. Actually still waiting on my book. I am so inspired by your success! I have approximately 100 # to lose and so ready to do this! I had lost 50# beginning from 2009 but since last year I have put 30# back on. I refuse to gain anymore! Congrats on your journey!!! AMAZING job!!!!!

  133. Non-scale victory? The biggest, and most significant non-scale victory since starting THM on June 13, 2013 is my adrenal healing. I have no words to express my gratitude for my progress these past months, and owe a great debt of gratitude to the whole THM community and especially the sisters, Pearl and Serene, for creating such an amazing program. Love you, Jennifer, and I’m SO, SO happy for your progress! I LOVED reading all the things you listed, but my ABSOLUTE favorite was the picture of YOUR “men”! It made me want to cry! {{{huge hugs}}}

  134. I stumbled on your blog today because of this giveaway. Your story brought me to tears. I am one week into THM and I am an emotional wreck. Never in my life have I met/seen so many women who genuinely care for one another. I’ve never experienced such an outpouring of love, helpfulness and information. I hid the scale and told myself I wa not going to weigh in for one month. Today I thought I could sneak in a weigh and it would encourage me to keep going. When I stepped on the scale and weighed 4 pounds more than my starting weight I was crushed. Why did I do that to myself? Then I found your blog. It have me the lift I need by reminding me about “non scale victories”. One week in and my headaches are decreasing and my heartburn is all gone. Thank you for the pick me up and keep of the great work. A blog like this might be a deciding factor for someone like me to cave under the pressure or to push through and keep going.
    -God bless.

  135. Happy Birthday!
    I’m still working on eating THM consistently but I am very much more aware of how my body reacts to the foods I eat. NSV for sure. =)
    Thank you for doing this giveaway & congratulations on all your success!

  136. I just started recently but I feel so much more awake after lunch when I would normally try to prop my eyes open to stay awake.

  137. First of all……🎉🎉🎉🎉HAPPY BIRTHDAY! 🎉🎉🎉🎉 I’m new to THM and am waiting for my book to arrive, I’ve started with Gwen’s suggestion on just changing breakfasts first. I HOPE I have the same success as you! Congratulations!

  138. What a great list of blessings! I’ve been pinning your recipes lately. Tonight we are trying Meat Roma Pie! Love THM! My hubs (finally!) joined me, which is great. He just keeps saying, “you can’t beat the results and we eat great!” Yay. 🙂

  139. The greatest victory is to take control in a crazy unhealthy world and say I will be healthy. I want my kids and family to be healthy, I will do this for life and we will all feel better for it. You are the only one that can do it for the family and as a woman and mother of the household that is a very empowering feeling. We got this moms:)

  140. My biggest non scale victory is skin health and a better outlook on food as fuel also sweets that are not hurting me but healing.

  141. Happy Birthday! I love hearing about your journey! And trying your recipes!! 🙂 I’m two months into THM. I’ve lost 12 pounds, inches, heartburn, borderline high fasting blood sugar, the post-sugar grumpies and more! I pray your 39th year is filled with even more blessings from God!

  142. One of my biggest non scale victories was while chatting with my deployed husband via Skype. It had been about 3 weeks since I had seen the scale move (he didn’t know this as I am keep numbers a surprise until he comes home). He said “honey I can tell you have been working really hard your face looks so much thinner” boy is he in for a surprise when he comes home!

  143. Hi Jen!!! One of my non scale victories was a normal blood pressure. Just today I tried on a pair of “skinny” cargos I found at the thrift store last summer to save as a goal an they not only fit…they are a little big! Yay THM!

  144. I’ve been trying to heal from very low iron/ferritin levels for several months. And within the last year my blood pressure has started to climb higher than normal. At the end of February I visited with my hematologist to discuss test scores and ways to improve my iron level. At this point I had completed my first week on THM. My blood pressure measured at a nice normal & healthy level and more blood tests showed my iron levels moving in the right direction (with iron supplement help as well). Then during week 2 on plan I was rushing out the door trying to button my winter coat. As I went to button it, it was as if someone let out my coat at the waist! I think I love the loss in inches more than the number in the scale! Praise The Lord for over all wellness!

  145. Started THM January of 2013. Have gone from a size 16/18 to a size 6!!! Non-scale victories include: seeing my collar bones, no more sleep troubles, after 11 years I was able to go off my prescription meds, my husband can PICK ME UP and my I am no longer hiding from pictures!!!! Love THM 🙂 Happy birthday!

  146. What an inspiration you are! I connect with you and your story. I look for all of your posts and words for encouragement. Congratulations beautiful Jennifer and happy birthday!

  147. I’ve been on THM since the end of July and my biggest non-scale victory is getting rid of clothes that are too big and fitting into clothes that have been too small for far too long! I love that I am basically getting a “new” wardrobe without spending money.

  148. Happy birthday! One of my biggest non-scale victories has been being able to put my wedding ring back ON after it had been off for years because it had been cutting off circulation.

  149. My biggest non-scale victory is having people tell me how YOUNG I look! I’ve even had people tell me they didn’t recognize me! I haven’t reached me goal yet (another 10-15) pounds but I’m on my way and I feel better now than I have in years!

    Happy birthday!!!! You’re going to rock 39!! 😄

  150. I love all of your recipes! I’ve been on plan for a month now & I have 2 non scale victories! 1: Just 2 days ago I got dressed for work and my pants seemed looser but didn’t realize how loose ’till I got to work (I’m a hairstylist) and looked in the mirror to see how baggy they were & I had to keep pulling them up all day! 2: After having that experience I now finally feel motivation to work out! (Which I’ve been lacking greatly for about 4 months now). Love THM and all of the support!

  151. A non scale victory on my journey is the way my husband hugs me. I can tell that he is noticing the changes to my body when the scale doesn’t. Happy Birthday and I am very proud and encouraged by your journey. I hope your day is great!

  152. My greatest victory so far is knowing that I can not only lose weight living this way, but I’m actually eating in a way that’s BOTH enjoyable AND healthy for my body long-term. 🙂

  153. Congratulations on your success story! Your story has and will encourage all of us tHM-ers to keep going strong!

  154. Happy Birthday! I am very inspired by your story. Praise the Lord for all that He has done!
    I just purchased the ebook so I don’t have a weight related non scale victory yet, however I have a whole new outlook on food and how my body has reacted to what I have been putting in it. I have been a total Drive thru Sue and Whole Grain Jane and it has caused havoc on my body. Well, not anymore thanks to the wonderful information that Serene and Pearl have shared with all of us.

  155. Wow, congratulations on your THM journey! And happy birthday 🙂 the very first thought that popped into my head when thinking about non-scale victories is the fact that I feel so much better on this plan! I am in my fifth month, and have so much more energy! Being in my fifties, and post menopause as well, I did not think I would ever get to a place where I could lose weight again, but The Lord has taught me that all things are possible 🙂 I am amazed at how much more I enjoy the taste of food and am learning to try my hand at lots of new ways to fix food 🙂 Feeling very blessed.

  156. Love your blog!

    Non scale victory: My husband can’t keep his eyes off of me! I wore a dress the other day, which I Never used to wear because they looked like tents and my husband could not keep his eyes off!

    Totally one of my favorite non scale victories!!

  157. Non-scale victory, huh? I guess my biggest one thus far is finally being able to get the measuring tape all the way around my hips without having to finagle a way to get a measurement when it was a few inches too short!!!

  158. I was a sugar and carb addict. Although, I haven’t lost too many pounds (12), I have gained self control and no longer feel my heart racing at night.

  159. Happy birthday! I love THM. I’ve been on this an for 6 months and have lost 42 lbs! And I’m 60 years old. I don’t have a non-scale victory yet because I still need to 150 lbs but I know I can do it now with THM in spite of a lifetime of failures with other diets and even gastric bypass surgery. I have never lived a day of my adult life at less than 200 lbs. I want to see what it feels like to move without dragging this body through my own allotted space plus somebody else’s personal allotted space. (Lol, know what I mean?) One of my goals is to be able to ride a horse again. Lots of weight to lose to get there and hopefully soon I’ll be able to start some exercise to help with weight loss AND start getting those horse riding muscles in shape. Blessings to each of you on this journey.

  160. Happy Birthday and Congratulations on your THM journey!

    I can relate to so many of the changes you have cited. 🙂 I feel like THM and T-Tapp have literally “saved my life!”
    I am so thankful for those who have shared their knowledge to help many (myself included) to enjoy better health. Thank you for sharing your success with us!

  161. Love THM- and the journey is so sweet- because you are losing weight the healthy way! I’ve been on THM since the end of November and lost 22 pounds- incredible! The greatest thing is all the energy you have along with being able to eat so many good foods! Love the recipes that you post here- Happy Birthday 🙂

  162. I am noticing that I feel so much better throughout the day when I start with a solid THM breakfast. If I “don’t have time” and cheat…I feel HORRIBLE! Blood sugars all over the place and so very irritable. I just need to make the choice to go 100%! Thanks for the giveaway and the encouragement to continue on the journey of eating well! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

  163. My victory to share is when I started THM my wedding ring had gotten alarmingly tight! I could not get it off, and was really getting worried, hoping I wouldn’t have to end up getting it cut off. Now it turns around comfortably with a little space! So wonderful!! I’ve lost 14 lbs so far, in 2 mos, 106 to go. 🙂

  164. A fun non-scale victory for me recently was when my mom-in-law wanted to buy me some new clothes and asked for the correct new size. I optimistically told her a size smaller than I was currently wearing, in hopes of getting into that size soon. When my new skirt arrived, it was already too BIG! 🙂 I have gone down 3 sizes so far! Happy Birthday!! Thanks for sharing your journey!

  165. Hi, Jenn! Happy Birthday to you! I have been on THM since 9/2/13 and down almost 28 pounds. My best non-scale victory was the day I could wash my feet in the shower. I had been just throwing the washcloth on the shower floor and “wiping” my feet. YAY, I can bend enough to have clean feet, again!

  166. Happy Birthday! I love your spirit! My clothes fit better, I am no longer a slave to carbs and sugar, and I have more energy but my greatest non scale victory has been watching my husband do this alongside of me and to succeed and get excited about it 🙂

  167. Happy Birthday!! I have only been on the plan for about 5 weeks but I already feel much better when I eat the THM Way. I turned 65 this past year and went for a checkup only to find that I was pre-diabetic. It scared me and my wonderful DIL told me about a new plan she and my son were following. Thus started my Trim Healthy Mama journey. I follow the Facebook page and the blogs closely so I can learn new recipes and tips for sticking to the plan.. I am sleeping soundly at night and my clothes are fitting looser. I am anxious to go to the doctor in a couple of months and have my bloodwork checked again. I feel certain that my blood sugar will be much lower at the point and I will no longer be considered pre-diabetic.

  168. I am currently pregnant with our 5th child and my praise report centers around starting THM a few months ago and really slowing down the amount of weight I have gained thus far. My first few months I was stricken with “morning sickness” that lasted all day, everyday, so when I could finally eat I ate EVERYTHING insight and gained 30 pounds in 3 months. Since starting THM I have only gained a few pounds and I feel great. I am also turning 39 next week and I know it’s challenging to lose the weight as I get older but THM has given me the freedom to EAT and LOSE weight, which is such a blessing. Happy birthday and here is to a great year feeling happy, healthy, and trim!!!!

  169. My biggest non-scale victory is before I even start!! I have finally got the money for the book and now have it in hand. It seems a really big step to commit to but, my goodness, the fellowship!! I enjoyed reading your blessings along the journey and everyones post about theirs. In fact, I’ve bookmarked this page so I can come back again and again when I need to refocus. Thank you so much!!

  170. Happy Birthday! What a blessing each of those mentioned on your list is! I love reading your blog, I haven’t been on the THM way of eating long but already see and feel the difference. I know you asked for one,but I would love to share two non scale victories. 1) my joints feel better! I’ll turn 50 next month but have premature arthritis in my hands, knees and hips. They do not ache near as much! HUGE victory!
    2) I actually LOOKED at myself with only by undies on in the mirror this morning and can honestly say I didn’t look away or cover up REALLY quickly like I always have. I have a ways to go, but I’m learning to appreciate my body for what it is and I’m loving the changes I’m seeing.
    Have a wonderful day tomorrow!

  171. I just started a week ago so I don’t have too much to say except my non scale victory has been a week without sugar, lol! Love your blog 🙂

  172. Really cool hearing about all the changes THM has made to your life. I’ve been doing THM since October and have lost 20 lbs. Not as fast as I’d like but I’m feeling better and that’s the important part. Thanks for the give away you’re doing. I hope I win but I would have written to you anyway. You’ve done a great job. I can’t wait until I reach my goal. Another 50 lbs would be great and I haven’t been there for 27 years. Thanks for encouraging the rest of us.

  173. Oh, what a great giveaway! I loved reading about all your victories!!! Yay, Jen! Since eating healthier, my acid reflux has disappeared as well. Good riddance! 🙂

  174. Before I started THM, my blood sugar was ALL over the place. I would be driving to get my little one from school, and all of a sudden, I would break out in a sweat and my world would start spinning. Since being on THM, I haven’t had one episode!!! 🙂

  175. Congratulations on all of your victories! !! My non-scale victory is definitely my headaches! I believe that they were directly tied to my crazy sugar addiction. It’s such a relief to be free of daily headache issues! !!

  176. I first wanted to thank-you for your faithfulness…before I started THM, I read your story and I totally could relate to all you were saying. I love how you encourage others in such a kind way! I love the authors that you like…I think we could relate theologically! 🙂 My biggest non-scale victory is simple. I always have to get up in the middle of the night to use the restroom. Before, losing 34lbs, my knees and hips could hardly move at that time of the night. I had to hold on to the dresser, door knob etc. to make my way to the bathroom, I just notice in the last few days, that I am zooming into the bathroom with no help at all. I feel younger and healthier. I have a long, long way to go….but I’m so thankful that the Lord directed my steps to THM and all the lovely ladies that I have “talked” to along the way. Happy birthday, and may this coming year be one of much growth in HIm.

  177. I am down 28 pounds since October, and as victorious as that may be, my biggest victory (non-scale wise) is that I like who I see in the mirror now! I don’t feel like I have to cover up the fat like I used to. I like me! Even if I don’t lose any more weight, I LIKE ME!

  178. Happy 39th b-day. I too will be celebrating that number this year. I’ve been doing thm since January….my scale victory is 10 lbs. and non scale….clothes fitting better, more energy, I don’t feel so dopey, bp has gone down.

  179. Happy Birthday! I love your blog and recipes:) My biggest victory is being HAPPY and losing weight! Every other diet I tried, and I tried a lot, I was always starving and SUPER crabby cause I couldn’t eat anything it felt like! So THM was definitely an answered prayer for me! Lost my 10# I kept with each of my four babies so I am happy! Wanted to lose another 10-20 but pregnant again, but I’m happy with my starting weight again!! Whoohooo! I got to prebaby size but not prebaby weight! Love that pant sizes drop quickly:)

  180. Happy Birthday!! And CONGRATULATIONS! You are amazing!! :). I have only been sort of ‘in’ about a week now, waiting for my book. 🙂 I have been trying to apply for breakfast and snacks, with some dinners and lunches. I am oddly exhausted, but feeling less tummy issues. I have been on a whole food, mostly, and not store bought processed for the most part for several years, but still have some stomach issues to conquer and a stubborn last 10 pounds to get and keep off after a significant weight loss a couple of years ago. I am anxious to see what God does. Thank you for all the encouragement you give so many!

  181. I just started THM less than 2 weeks ago but so far am enjoying the journey and anticipating some wonderful results. My victory is that after a very , very difficult year last year with several huge losses and life changes, I am re-grouping and finding ways to go forward in faith and believing God is a Redeemer and restorer. THM is one part of this , taking care of me.

  182. My victory is getting a surprise pregnancy this year and it being a GIRL!!!! My daughter wants a sister so bad and she already has two brothers. I also started THM a few weeks ago and I am hoping to have a more enjoyable pregnancy this time around. Thank you…..awesome giveaway!!!

  183. Thanks for this giveaway, Jen, as well as some of the great recipes I’ve gotten from you. I’m not too far along in my THM journey, but I think I may be down to one chin–or at least very close :). Happy birthday!!

  184. There are so many non scale victories but the best has been being able to wear a size 10! I haven’t worn that since 4th or 5th grade and having so much more energy! Also having freedom from food bondage, God is so good!

  185. I am now happy with my body whether I am losing or gaining. I don’t feel guilty. I know I have choices and I make my choices accordingly. It is very freeing.

  186. My greatest non-weight victory… well the first thing that comes to mind is freedom from death, shame, confusion… all thanks to the Cross of Christ…. second to that would be bringing my three beautiful boys into the world!

  187. I’m still in the “reading the THM book” stage, but I’m loving reading about everyone else’s non-scale victories! I am looking to develop healthier God-intended eating habits for both myself and my family! So much easier to train as youngsters than relearn as I’m having to do! Congratulations on your awesome victory! Thanks for being so inspiring!

  188. I love this so much! I think my favorite non-scale victory would be getting my PCOS and insulin resistance under control finally!!! I also have much more confidence and am doing things I never dreamed I’d do!! Thanks for sharing!!!

  189. I have just started my THM journey but my greatest challenge has been to get my family to start on this journey too, and without them knowing it they are. They eat the “diet food” and love it. THM also has finally given me an understanding of insulin.

  190. My husband died in November after a six-month illness, and weight was definitely a factor. My greatest victory so far has been losing 10 pounds toward my goal of being a healthier mom for our six children. It will be my way of honoring my late husband and making sure I’m here for the kids as long as I can be.

  191. Today I went to the doctor and my triglycerides were in the normal range. They haven’t been normal in about 12 years even on medication. I’m only 34. Yay!!!

  192. No visible victories yet since I just started my journey with THM. I am just grateful that I pursued and investigated THM completely and ignored some off kilter info I was being told. Looking forward to seeing how the Lord used THM for my better. I’m one of the older THMer’s at 60 years age.

  193. Happy Birthday!! Non-scale victories where do I start?! First would be the fact that I’m actually able to eat and not gain weight I have a metabolism again! My blood sugar has not crashed since the day I started, and I finally understand my body after many years of extreme diets and nothing working!!

  194. Congrats on your success!!! I haven’t seen the scale move really…but I do feel healthier knowing that I am eating correctly! 🙂
    Your three guys have the most beautiful blue eyes!!! 🙂
    I like you on facebook too!

  195. Happy birthday and congratulations on your weight loss! My victory in this so far is more energy! Blessings to you from Kansas!

  196. Happy birthday!
    This is my third week on plan. My non scale victory has been surviving without sugar and white flour. They were a big part of my diet and even though the weight loss is slow so far I am so pleased by how I feel. I also surprise myself when I find I can answer a question on THM for beginners. I still have plenty of my own but sometimes the lightbulb goes off and it is a good feeling. Loved hearing your victories, it’s like a bucket list for weight loss!

  197. non-scale victory? there are so many. I have no pain (4 major back surgeries) a lot of spinal issues. NO PAIN now. No cravings (unless you count the GGMS addiction that I seem to have). I can walk…walk…walk. I do not get worn out I can just keep going. I can play on the floor with my grandbabies and get back up. I am happy. My mood is so different. I love kale, jicima, FF greek yogurt. I eat brussle sprouts, on my own, without whining (yes, I am an adult).
    I can wear clothes that have not fit in years. My bathing suit is baggy …for real. Thank you for sharing your beautiful story with us. God has brought us to THM and I am forever grateful. Love to all my sisters!

  198. Thank-you for all your hard work coming up with yummy recipes and your encouraging testimony. My biggest non-scale-related victory is having my clothes falling off of me, being able to zip up coats and have room in them and basically having to get rid of my plus size clothing. I am finally out of the plus sizes. 🙂 I still have a long way to go, but I’m finally getting there and enjoying it. I don’t feel deprived! Thanks for the chance to win.

  199. I am just starting my THM life … got my book in the mail yesterday! I’m looking forward to a healthier lifestyle, and excited about the results we will see! Happy birthday!

  200. I am thankful on how much better I feel and look. I have lost about 17lbs since I started measuring myself. My clothes are fitting better. I have had eczema since I was a teenager (off and on). I am noticing a difference in my hands. They are still dry but cannot see the eczema “bubbles” as much! This is wonderful. Thank you for allowing all of us women to post some of our victories.

  201. Im 10wks pregnant with my 6the and my biggest nsv is simply making the decision to workout this entire pregnancy. I got a set if momsintofitness DVDs and have been at it a little over a week so far. Toning up my thighs with squats is a big goal getting my body ready for birth.

  202. I am really trying to get this THM lifestyle in control for myself. I am having a hard time as I am pregnant and craving lots and lots of non-plan foods. Honestly I have been trying to find a good THM approved food to trade out for the “craved” foods. My goal at this point is to make HEALTHY food choices during this pregnancy and to practice not combining fats and carbs. 🙂

  203. Happy Birthday and what an inspiration you are. I have been going at a good pace losing on THM but the biggest thing is I can say NO to sugar items and truly be ok with it, I dont feel deprived at all. What also excites me is when I make something and my family ends up liking it. The first time I made the strawberry GGMS my husband detested it and now he asks me if I am making that drink – he is beginning to enjoy it – I literally cant put my glass down or it will be gone!

  204. My non-scale victory is being able to overcome NOT being able to lose weight!! I am Type 1 diabetic and it has been sooo hard to get these last few pounds off. I have lost 10# and have about 5 more to go. Thank you THM!!

  205. Well, I don’t have a non-scale victory yet, just started Monday. I can say that I am very inspired by your story and I am encouraged by your success. Thank you for your blog and dedication to THM.

  206. Happy birthday pretty lady! I would say that I am most proud of not giving up on THM after working so hard on staying on plan and still having difficulties losing pounds. I realize the scale doesnt tell all, but I tend to get frustrated with seemly nothing to show for all of my dedication. 🙂

  207. What a sweet giveaway. Thank you for being so sweet in offering this.
    Greatest non-scale victory: appreciating that God has given us amazing bodies and has blessed us in so many ways.

  208. Happy Birthday! I turn 50 this month! The big 5-0. My biggest non-scale victory was when my daughter threw her arms around my waist and exclaimed “I can touch my hands!”. Also one time my husband didn’t sit with me at church because he did not recognize me from the back, he thought I was another woman! LOL!

  209. So neat to hear stories! My exciting story for me is that i had to get my wedding ring sized a couple sizes lower so I haven’t been wearing it cause it is too big! I was able to wear my wedding dress for my 10th anniversary. I have never been able to wear it for a single anniversary since we were married!

  210. Happy birthday!!! My non scale victory was on my birthday last week when my 15 year old daughter looked up a recipe on pintresr and made me THM brownies. We both have PCOS and she has been resistant to THM. It meant a lot that she was encouraging me. The other victory would be retiring my favorite jeans because they fall off of me!!!

  211. I feel really good–have only been on THM for 2 months and have lost 8 pounds–but I love how good I am feeling!! My rings fit better, and I am just overall thankful for this way of living 🙂 God is so good!!!

  212. Happy birthday and congratulations on you victories for last year. I started last year with a pregnancy loss and having been the third in a row I was having some depression, not that I have not been blessed with 6wonderful kids previous to that, I was at my heaviest weight and not seeing anything changing even though I thought we were eating pretty healthy. I found out I was preggs again after thinking we were done and started getting rid of baby stuff. I was super concerned because of all my risk factors age, weight, and carrying twins, and a friend shared with me about THM. I started a few months into my pregnancy and lost a few pounds, my blood pressure stayed good and blood sugar. So my healthy pregnancy was my Non scale victory, because of my risk factors they expected me to have all these problems, but I didn’t. Thank God for the wisdom He gave Pearl and Serene to help us help our bodies do what they were made to do. I finished the year with our two new blessings, Samuel and Levi. Thanks for your inspiration, I feel like I am starting the plan over since my pregnancy is over.


  213. My non-scale victory would be wearing my wedding ring again. My 25th wedding anniversary is coming up in October, and I’m so glad I can wear my ring once more! It’s been more than 10 years since I wore it. My husband is also doing THM and he can wear his ring now, too. We are quite happy!

  214. Happy Birthday! How kind of you to give someone else a present on your birthday! I’m only about 1 month into THM but the thing I like so far is that I can tell that food is starting to lose it’s grip on me. It feels good to enjoy meals that I know are helping me and not harming me!!

  215. I’m so excited for you!!! My non-scale victory is looser fitting clothes and more energy.. That’s without going full force just yet.. Mostly doing “s” breakfasts and trying to do healthy snacks and staying away from sugar and sodas and bread.. Bread and chocolate both being my downfalls made it hard. And most days I only ate Supper and skip lunch and breakfast. Loving THM. Thanks for the encouraging blog post.

  216. Wow. Lots of posts to scroll through!! It just dawned on me at this moment that I just blew through my four month trim anniversary last week without thinking about it. Maybe that’s one of my non scale victories- with time, I have relaxed into a stress-free way of life! That’s the sign of a healthy plan and mind:). Additionally, I am truly blessed to be free of an addiction to homemade “natural”;) sugary sweets and breads. It wasn’t easy in the beginning, but I made all sorts of THM goodies that got me through to a place where those physical cravings were a thing of the past. Now I crave Brussels sprouts with gruyere cream sauce…and yeah, some trimmy chocolate:). I’ll be 41 this summer, but I’m hoping to take one more “40” photo that will go in the book that says…”this is what 40 looked like”!

  217. Wow! Jennifer! You look amazing! You should be very proud of yourself for taking such good care of God’s temple! Awesome!

  218. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! March birthdays are the best! Just beginning my journey! But my non scale victory this week…..participating in a pot luck (I brought cake) and not eating anything…..saying no to temptation never felt so good! you are an inspiration!

  219. Happy Birthday and thanks for the inspiration and encouragement you provide. Having clothes fit better has been great for me and watching my in-laws get healthier. Also love being able to share THM with friends and family who are curious.

  220. For the first time EVER I am eating for health and not just to lose weight. I would try all sorts of diets “just till I get to X weight”. Now I am eating such yummy foods and they are good for me!

  221. I would say my biggest victory has been living pain free! Wow, I just can’t get over it! It is amazing and wonderful and I am just FILLED with thankfulness! There are many others but that is the best!! 🙂

  222. I am yet to enter doing THM full time, but in playing around with the recipes I found a great one that my daughter loves. The cinnamon muffin in a mug and I am in love with gluccie! I’ve been looking for a low/no carb way to thicken my gravies. I am also pleased to have some quick bread/muffin in a mug recipes to feed my gluten-free husband.
    I’m so happy for your success! You look so happy too!

  223. Congratulations on your success, Jennifer! I just started THM in early January and am down 15#. To me this is amazing, as I’m a bit “older” and it is really tough to lose weight as we get older. I’m in the low 170’s now, somewhere I haven’t been in YEARS! Thank you for all you do on the THM Facebook groups!

  224. It’s so much fun to read your posts, Jennifer! Thanks for doing this. One of my non-scale victories is my 22 year old will bring me clothes she’s getting rid of or been given, and say ‘try these on and see if you like any of them’. (before it wouldn’t have been an option!) 🙂

  225. Happy Birthday! I really love your creative recipes. You are such an inspiration! My best benefit so far is an increase in energy. When I falter, I feel terrible!

  226. Happy birthday, happy anniversary, happy day! Your post just made me happy! My happy realization is that I DO have willpower after all. When we spend the weekend with my parents, Mom always has sweets and snacks for us. I just spent 2.5 days with them and resisted all the no-nos!

  227. I just started my Trim Healthy Mama journey (I also just had my 4th baby) but I can already notice a huge difference in the amount energy I have. I am looking forward to really committing to THM and losing the baby weight.

  228. I am loving the THM lifestyle, too!! My weight is coming off slowly but I am eating like a queen and never feel deprived. I’m glad to find your blog ~ Thanks!!

  229. I have definitely noticed a change in my energy level and I don’t have the aches and pains in my knees and hips anymore. Loving this new lifestyle change!

  230. I have been researching THM and 3 or 4 times it has brought me to your blog. So, I have decided to follow you through my feed my account and like you on FB. I look forward to reading what you have to say. CONGRATULATIONS on your success!!

  231. I’d LOVE to win this special giveaway! I’m so grateful for your continued encouragement, testimonies and posts week-by-week on THM! I started on 9/1/13 and am officially down 55#, Praise the Lord! 🙂 I’m so thankful for all of my amazing NON-SCALE Victories too and thank the Lord for the dear friend who lead me to THM last summer! I’d LOVE to be down 100# by my 11 YEAR wedding anniversary on 5/24/14! 🙂 CONGRATS on your amazing progress, keep it up and thanks for all your great posts and recipes! 🙂

  232. This is a little thing but meant a lot to me…I can drive with the steering wheel in the lower positions now! I used to have to drive with it like a bus driver. Hated that! Now it can be like everyone else. 🙂 As “they” say, it is the little things! Congrats on releasing so much weight this year! Blessings to you! I really enjoy your blog and recipes. They have helped me on my journey!

  233. I have been on THM since June, 2013. I started in a size 28W dress. Yesterday I tried on and bought a size 16W. That is a big non scale victory for me.

  234. I don’t have much to lose, and the weight is coming off super slow. But my energy level has increased and I don’t have the sugar cravings (used to eat a big spoon of brown sugar right out of the bag–healthy, right?!) I’m in this for life and hopefully will be a much healthier wife and momma.

  235. My wedding band/engagement ring set that were uncomfortably snug and nearly stuck a few weeks ago are now freely spinning in circles around my thinning ring finger! Woohoo!
    (FB page Kib Greg)

  236. Not having the bad aches and joint pains, and finally off diet coke…YEAH! I really enjoy all of your posts on the THM group forum. thanks for all of your great recipes, tips, and inspiration

  237. I enjoyed reading your testimony. I feel skinnier and I believe in general I do feel healthier and my complexion is clearer. Would like to see many more results.

  238. A non-scale victory for me is being a better mother and wife. I’ve never cooked this much the entire time I’ve been married! We have healthy meals now everyday, and being in the kitchen isn’t the burden on my heart that it once was. Our family is happier now and we sit around the table together every night. Being able to get healthy is amazing, but being able to help my family be healthy too is priceless.

  239. Getting started was a victory for me. I was intimidated by the plan and delayed starting. I’m about a month in so far. Thank you for all the great encouragement and recipes! Happy Birthday!

  240. Happy birthday! For the past two-ish years I had been asking God to help me loose weight. I was tired of being heavy and not being able to be as active as I had wanted to be with my kids. Over the past year, a friend had been posting THM foods. I had seen them and looked into it a bit. I finally realized that God was showing me the path to loosing weight. Since I started in January, the scale has been reversing, slowly, but reversing.

  241. Finding THM has been such a blessing for me. I can’t believe how much better I feel, and how bad I feel when I go out of town and eat the old way.

  242. I’ve been on THM for almost 6 months. I don’t think I have ever stayed with a diet this long. I first and foremost thank God for helping me stick to plan. The weight loss is slow, but my unsulin has been cut in half, and my numbers are good. I feel confident that I will make it to goal one day at a time. I love this way of eating, it’s not like any diet I’ve been on. Hope you had a great birthday!!! I wish you the best!!

  243. Happy Birthday! and congrats on your progress! so exciting! =) I’ve lost 30 lbs so far out of 50 total and have stalled for the past few months….kinda discouraging =( hoping the nicer weather will be here soon and exercise will be easier to accomplish!

  244. I think my greatest THM victory is that this is a plan that I can stick with because I can eat fairly “normal” and like what I eat. Also, my stomach doesn’t bloat after a meal; I can wear the same outfit Sunday morning AND evening AFTER Sunday dinner!! 🙂

  245. My biggest non-scale victory was making a before and after collage of 45lbs lost and finally being able to say “Hey! I’ve actually lost some weight and look different. I’m even kind of pretty.” I haven’t thought I was pretty in many years, so it is nice to like myself again.

  246. I have a PhD nurse friend who focuses on nutritional healing. After only two weeks on THM, she was at my house and asked me if I was doing anything different because she could see some changes. I’d only lost 6 pounds, but she was able to see visible changes. That was a huge victory for me!

  247. happy birthday THM friend,i enjoyed reading your story!it encouraged me to dig deeper n press hard!I AM ON IT LESS THAN A WEEK N THE SCALES HAS GONE DOWN 3 #. i have so much to learn yet….

  248. One of my non-scale successes is feeling free from the bondage sugar used to have over me. I have never experienced anything like THM. I don’t feel deprived. I don’t get my feelings hurt (as much!) when I see others eating carb/sugar laden “treats.” I love knowing that I am doing a great thing for my body. I can still enjoy the wonderful tastey foods God has to offer without the burden of imprisonment. I don’t have to eat the cookie because it’s there. I don’t have to have the bun with my burger at the restaurant, and I still get pleasantly satisfied! I am free! I have been following THM for almost 2 months now, and the difference I feel and see in myself is phenomenal. I feel healthy. That is what matters.

  249. I love your blog! Anyway. Congratulations on all your non-scale victories. Some of mine are the same…seat belt easy to snap, children discovering they can put their arms around me, being able to wrap my arm around my back and touch my opposite side, shaving my legs without huffing and puffing, feeling my hip/pelvic bone (what! I actually have hips?!), having my husband start with his arms in one position on me and then realize he can squeeze me closer and having to adjust his arms to accommodate my smaller frame, having friends tell me I am going to disappear, not passing out at 3pm sharp from chronic fatigue! Thanks for encouraging me to “count my blessings”.

  250. I just received my book last week and I have been reading it and I think my greatest accomplishment so far is taking my time, learning everything and slowly adding stuff to my diet. I usually want to jump right on and always rush to try to lose weight. I am learning not to rush right in and maybe fail but take it one day at a time as I learn, i will get there.

  251. You are such an inspiration, I love how active you are on THM FB. I am down 10 lbs in 21/2 weeks, and enjoying every minute!

  252. Working the past year, I was able to control my blood sugars enough to be off medication completely by lifestyle changes! I am so psyched! Have a long way to go weight wise, but I’m getting there! (on fb as Mickey Louth)

  253. Happy birthday! I love reading your story, it’s so inspiring!
    I bought the THM book when it first came out, lost about 10 pounds following the plan, then went back to my “old ways” and gained the weight right back! Then I made a new year’s resolution to get back on track, and have been following the THM plan since January 1 and have lost 13 pounds! This time around it has been so much easier because I discovered many FB pages, blogs, and Pinterest boards with loads of recipes, including pictures of the recipes and success stories. This really has kept me motivated and I have learned so much more! Just a week or two ago I started doing the THM exercise routine from the book and 3 more pounds basically “fell right off” — it’s a basic workout but very effective!
    Wishing you a wonderful birthday!

  254. Happy Birthday Jen!!! I am so proud of you for all your hard work and perserverance. It is awesome to see how God is using your testimony to reach so many people. Honestly, it took me forever to get to the bottom of all these comments so I could write mine! Thank you so much for helping me get started and patiently answering all my questions. You are an encouragement to me and many others. I love reading your blog and many of your recipes have become my favorites. THM has given me a new perspective on food and the knowledge to live a healthy lifestyle. I love that only after 10 weeks I can wear clothes I have not worn in 2 years! Thanks for all you do to promote THM. It was your story that inspired me to give it a try and now I am hooked! You are a blessing to me!

  255. I think my biggest non-scale victory is actually being able to eat with freedom. My husband started seminary about 3 years ago & before we moved out here for him to go we had twin boys. They were 3 months old when we moved far away from everyone we knew, including family. Not fun. I saw my pre-babies weight once shortly after we moved & haven’t seen it since. So I’ve tried lots of different ways to get the weight off & feel good about myself again, including not eating. But nothing ever worked or made me feel good until I found THM! I absolutely love food & I love that I get to eat so many yummy foods on this plan. Even if I don’t see the scale move (which I still want) the fact that I get to eat with some freedom is a fantastic victory for me! Thanks for sharing your victories with us & for the fun giveaway!

  256. When my mom started thm in December, honestly I wasn’t too thrilled. I’m 14 and I love to cook and bake. I thought that when my mom started this crazy diet thing that I wouldn’t be able to make all the things I used too. However, my cooking and baking has actually improved. I used to be kind of afraid of experimenting, and especially of meat. Now I know what it takes to make a nutritious meal and cook healthily for my whole family. Also, since I play basketball and run track, thm has helped keep me in shape and all fueled up and ready to play.

  257. I started this journey in January and can’t say the scale shows much difference. I am thankful for non-scale victories however, as my pants are fitting a bit looser and I have lost some inches when doing my measurements.

  258. Happy birthday your sooo young! To be thirty-nine. Your story is inspiring and I’m thrilled that you are here to share your THM wisdom with all of us! I hope you have a wonderful birthday! Thanks for the opportunity for the give away!

  259. Happy Birthday! I didn’t realize how much sugar was a part of my life!! I feel so much better now without it! 🙂 That and flour both!

  260. I am so blessed and thankful that my husband is on this THM journey with me. We began in January, and probably our biggest non-scale victory (so far) was in learning in February that after just over a month on THM, his cholesterol had dropped to well within the “healthy” range for the first time in the 10 years or so since he had been diagnosed with high cholesterol. Amazing!

  261. Well, I would have to say my biggest non-scale victory is just being more comfortable in my skin! Not near my goal yet, but closer than I was doing my own thing that was not working. Loving that this is a change in eating instead of a “diet”.

  262. My personal biggest non-scale victory (currently) would be realizing how much freedom (and grace) I have on this lifestyle. I am now mortified with how, when on other previous eating plans, I would look down my nose at others (hopefully only in my mind b/c the utter irony would have been for unhealthy me to tell anyone what they should or shouldn’t eat!) or beat myself up, as my “goodness” or “badness” would be found in a number on the scale or whether I had eaten “legal” foods or not. I truly can receive all foods with thanksgiving now (except maybe my former addiction: Coca-Cola) even if they are off-plan, as I know they do not characterize me and I’m just 3 hours away from nourishing (and nurturing) myself again. I’m 53 and getting healthy!

  263. I’m almost four weeks into THM and have soooo much more patience for my five precious kiddos, without sugar in my system.

  264. I am so blessed to have found THM, having the Dr be impressed with my weight was great, but having her say over and over that she was so impressed and proud of how I lowered my cholesterol and blood pressure, that I did not need the meds that she wanted to put me on six months earlier! I have friends and family also following and it is great to see how their health is improving also 🙂 I hope you had a wonderful birthday!

  265. This is so encouraging. I am just starting with THM and feel like I have a lot to learn, but stories like yours keep me motivated..

  266. I just hit 7 weeks and I have two non scale victories!! 1. Getting my wedding rings back on after 2 1/2 years! 2. The energy I have now allowed me to go snow tubing with my family!! My kids were so excited and it was so worth it!!

  267. Happy birthday and congratulations on meeting your goal!! My husband and I are nearing the end of our second week so we are just getting started. I don’t need to loose weight but definitely want to lose the tummy roll and need to eat healthier. My husband wants to lose at least 30 lb and eat healthier. I’ve read your comments on THM Beginners and have been encouraged by them, so thank you very much! I guess our victory so far is that it is not as hard as I thought it would be and the recipes we have tried (besides a chocolate cake disaster! Haha) have been delicious. I’m excited to see what our non-scale victories will be along the way, as we understand that lower numbers on the scale are not the only victory. Have a blessed year!

  268. Thank you, Jennifer, for all that you do for us THMs! Your work as a moderator is so appreciated! Your recipes are wonderful and you are an inspiration, not just for your weight loss, but also your kindness. My biggest non-scale victory is that I am kicking my sugar addiction! I made 2 French Silk pies for my son’s birthday on the 11th and didn’t taste the filling or the crust (I already knew that they were fine) and just dipped my finger in the whipped cream to make sure it was sweet enough (I don’t measure the sugar for that). That’s the first sugar I’ve ingested since starting THM mid-January – HUGE in my book!

  269. I am learning to say no to sugar that I was literally addicted to. Fruit tastes so sweet now and I actually enjoy stevia.

  270. My non-scale victory would most certainly be watchingy children grow in their love for God and others (especially each other). It brings such joy to my heart 🙂

  271. Hey Jennifer! Happy birthday! I just started THM and while I may take shortcuts that I should not be taking I have lost 6.5 lbs since officially starting the program two and a half weeks ago. Go me! 😉 I’ve tried so many things since having had children with no success. I have hypothyroidism and the doctor has asked that I lose weight. Boy ,will he be surprised when I come back in. 🙂 Thank you for such encouragement and all the yummy recipes.

  272. I just got started and have a long road ahead of me. Thank you for your blog, the recipes, and inspiration. Happy Birthday!

  273. Happy Birthday Jennifer!! You are an amazing woman and such an inspiration to all!! Love following you & all the help you give everyone in such a positive and upbeat way! Thank You!

  274. My greatest non scale victory is giving my life totally to The Lord to give me a purpose and reason to get healthy through healthy eating according to biblical truths.

  275. greatest victory so far is not looking in the mirror and judging myself. thank you for sharing your testimony. I am enjoying your site and blog very much:) to food freedom, njoy:)

  276. I think my biggest non scale victory is getting off white sugar and flour. I know it’s oh so bad for you but have had (am I really saying it?) an addiction. THM has made it EASY to give this up with it’s wonderful recipes with healthy options. I am amazed that I have so easily given up items that used to be such a huge part of my life!

  277. I guess my biggest non-scale victory is I am feeding my family healthier meals and they are none the wiser. This is huge when you have 5 big boys who love to eat. I have just been on THM for a week and you have already been such an inspiration and blessing to me, Jennifer. Happy Birthday and may God bless you and your sweet family.

  278. I hope I can do as well as you have on THM! I just got my book, and going to start soon! I will keep following your progress for inspiration!

  279. You and your recipes have inspired me! I am three weeks on the plan and love it! I have a lot to loose and loving every minute. Thank you for your encouraging blog!

  280. Happy Birthday, to you! Thank you for the opportunity to enter this giveaway and thank you for your encouraging story!

  281. Ah, you are such an inspiration and an encouragment! Congratulations!! Happy Birthday – may you be blessed beyond measure!!!

  282. My greatest non-scale victory is having the desire and the energy to paint and redecorate my kitchen…and loving to be in that kitchen now that I am always trying a new Trim Healthy Mama recipe! Congratulations on your own victory, and thank you so much for sharing the milestone with us here! May God continue to richly and abundantly bless you, always!

  283. I’ve been trying to get motivated to start THM, lost weight so many times before just to gain it all back. Have to admit all your posts have me curious and wanting to start. I guess the biggest hold up I have is having to make 2 meals all the time, 1 for me and 1 for my family.

  284. You are amazing I hope you know! I wish I had even half the strength you do, I’m new to THM (haven’t completely started) more scared to start than anything. One day I hope to have done as well as you! Happy Birthday Jennifer!

  285. My biggest victory since starting THM, is sleeping through the night every night!! Prior to THM, I would wake several times throughout the night. NO MORE…I sleep like a baby:) I have more energy, clear thinking and believe that I will see the scale move soon!!! I have faith.

    Congratulations and Happy Birthday!!

  286. Happy Birthday! My biggest victory was going to a spin class. Now I have been spinning for over a year. I love it. Congratulations! I love your blog. I come through Lima on the way to my parents house. Thank you for sharing your journey with us.

  287. WOW! I love this THM world that I am being exposed to!!! I requested the THM book from my husband for Christmas…I’ve been implementing and changing things since the first of the year. I didn’t want it to seem overwhelming so been taking it a little at a time and now I find myself being so encouraged through other’s like you who have seen wonderful results and have been able to make and eat awesome food 🙂 Love learning and growing! Looking forward to this time next year and my THM testimony! Your blog and recipes are inspiring. May you continue to see Gods richest blessings upon your life!

    Happy Birthday Jennifer!

  288. Thank you for being an inspiration to all of us just starting out on THM! It’s great to be able to have such a great blog to read and give us ideas!

  289. I love the THM way of life because I have discovered that I am no longer at the mercy of the fad diet. I can eat real food and continue to grow in health. Happy birthday to you and thank you for the encouragement you give to so many!

  290. My biggest non-scale victory: finally figuring out just how bad I feel when I eat sugar, wheat or drink milk. Amazing! Happy Birthday wishes!

  291. Being able to pull all of my pants up and down without unbuttoning any of them even though I put cream in my coffee every morning :).

  292. I was taking medicine for headaches at least twice a day and I no longer need to. I have a lot more energy and my blood pressure has come down. I can wear my wedding ring again and can wear clothes that I had bagged up to give away and never did. THM has made it possible for me to lose weight and get healthy without feeling deprived which is why I have always given up.

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