Made To Crave Online Study!

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I’ve been thinking a lot about how to work this bible study and I will let you know what’s on my heart!  Some have expressed the need for more privacy.  When you comment about things on my Facebook page, it can show up in your other friend’s newsfeed.  I hadn’t thought of that before!  I know I’ve been more of an open book but, many don’t operate that way.  I totally get that when it comes to weight loss.

My solution will be that you can discuss it here on my blog each week when I do a recap of what I’ve learned.  Yes, it’s public but, your FB friends would have to come here to read my post and most likely they won’t if they aren’t reading the book or doing the study with us!  Also, I approve every comment that goes on my blog!  If you wanted to comment to just me about what you are learning, that can be the way to do it.  Just mention that you don’t want it posted publicly and I will not post it!  I read all my messages and comments so I’ll be sure to see it.

You can join the study on my Facebook Page- Home With a Purpose- Jen Griffin!  Like my page, then click on EVENT on the top right!  Spread the word to your THM buddies and let them know as well!!  There is still plenty of time to buy the book and Participants guide.


Links for the book and study guide: (Paperback)

Participants Guide

Made to Crave-Book


Links for Kindle versions:

Made to Crave- Kindle

Participants Guide- Kindle


So, I hope you’ll join me!  We have about 100 girls reading along right now!  I’m excited to dig into the book and God’s word with you!  I’m praying that God will do a great work in my heart and in yours as we learn.


9 thoughts on “Made To Crave Online Study!

  1. On facebook you can make your group “secret” and only members of the group can read posts.
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  2. Excellent study. I did this a short time ago with Proverbs 31 Bible study. I will enjoy redoing the study through your blog!

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