So you clicked this page to find out more about me.  Well, what can I say?

I am just a girl who happens to have captivated the heart of her Father.  He loves me for me and I love Him.  I wish I could say I loved Him as much as He adores me but it just can’t be done.  I work daily on loving Him more and serving Him with all my heart!

I am a wife.  I married my man, Shan on April 10th of 1999.  Though he will say I chased him…nah.  I was at Liberty University studying music and sign language when my mom saw this handsome dude at church.  She told me she’d spotted him and that he held a door open for her and was polite.  Well, she was almost sold on him.  She wanted to make sure though so, she wrote down his license plate number and ran them at work.  He had no record so, she called me to fill me in.  What a mom…she’s making sure he’s not a criminal!  🙂  I came home for a visit and saw him…I was speechless…literally.  He came over to say “good evening” and I said..”good”.  I couldn’t even talk right.  When he turned and went back to his seat my  mom and granny were giving me some mean looks!  “You blew it!  What were you thinking?  You couldn’t even talk!”  Well, thankfully he spoke to me again and I was able to form sentences!  The rest is..well, history.

I am a mom.  I have two super boys!  Noah is my oldest.  He loves animals, digging in the dirt, riding his bike and playing ball.  Titus is my little guy.  He loves to be silly, make funny faces, play ball and to wrestle with his brother.  I homeschool Noah and will do the same with Titus when he is old enough.

I LOVE to read, sew, knit and SING!

If you have any other questions let me know!


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