Sugar-Free Cranberry Muffin-in-a-Mug! (S)

I bought a bag of cranberries after seeing so many yummy cranberry recipes floating around this month!  I decided to try my hand at a muffin-in-a-mug type recipe with the cranberries!  It turned out so good the first time!!  I was thrilled! You could easily substitute blueberries (1/4 or so) in this recipe if you don’t have cranberries.  Just be careful that you don’t put too many blueberries in it and unless you want a Crossover treat!  It would be good with raspberries or strawberries as well.  The muffin recipe itself is my favorite!!!!  I like it plain as a sugar free yellow cake!


Sugar-Free Cranberry Muffin-in-a Mug  (S)

1 egg

1 TBS. of water

1&1/2 TBS. of coconut flour

1&1/2 TBS. of golden flax flour

1 TBS of coconut oil(MCT oil or butter would work too)

1 tsp. of vanilla

tiny pinch of salt

1/2 tsp of aluminum free baking powder

10 cranberries (yes, I counted!)

1 TBS. of Truvia or 2 tsp of xylitol

Mix up well in a microwave safe bowl or mug!!!  I microwaved this for 60 seconds then another 30 or so seconds.  It really depends on how hot your microwave is.  I check it at one minute to see how the top looks.  If it’s still shiny and wet I bake it 30 seconds more at a time until I know it’s done.

My go-to Frosting:

1 TBS of Cream cheese(soft)

1 TBS of butter(soft)

sweetener of choice(I use Truvia)

1/2 tsp of vanilla


The frosting is SOOO good!  It’s a bit lumpy in my picture this time but, it’s normally smooth.  The lumps don’t effect the taste so, I didn’t mind.

Isn’t this pretty?!  It’s so delicious too!  Tart and sweet at the same time.  I love that combo!

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