Taking a Step Back!

We have made some big changes in our family and we are continuing to do so each week!  God spoke to us about our time, money and how we live.  We had to step back and take a look at what was really going on in our lives.  We were so busy doing things for God that we were neglecting Him.  I read a quote a bit ago on Facebook from Anne Jackson, “doing for God does not equal being with God”.That is exactly it!  Doing, running, working, singing, etc for God does NOT equal being with Him and having that close walk with Him.  I think alot..and I mean alot of Christian have a very wrong view of Christianity.  I’ve seen so many in churches working their butts off for Christ but, they are so far from Him.  People with debt over their heads, kids who are out of control,  tempers that flair in a second, broken relationships, bitterness, weight issues…etc.  I am NOT saying you have to be perfect to minister.  I know no one is perfect nor, can we ever be perfect.  I am saying that it’s easy to neglect Jesus and to be working for Him.  I honestly feel that God can and will use anyone with a heart for Him.  I feel some of the ministries we’ve been involved in personally have not been all they could be because of our sin.  For example, we’ve helped lead worship in two churches now.  I know at times our hearts were not right and ready to lead others to God in worship.  Leading worship is a HUGE responsibility!!  How much more could God have used us if we were totally surrendered to Him!

We have stepped back.  We are seeking God’s face and want Him to be number ONE!  We are working on our relationship as a couple, our kids, our health and our finances. We don’t want to go, go, go for God so much that we have left Him behind in our daily lives.  I know God is working in us, our kids and that is exciting!  I can see Him blessing us for obeying.  No, we know everyone does not understand the decision we’ve made.  We also have some wonderful supportive friends who are praying for us!  We appreciate that so much!  We love our church and how God is blessing it!  We pray that everyone their will put God first in their lives and that our church will blow Findlay, OH off the map for Him!  We know it can happen.  We don’t want to be a hindrance.  We know that as we strive to be more like God that He’ll direct us in what all to do for Him!  Reaching and loving on people is our hearts desire.

How about you?  Are you running so much that you’ve left your personal walk with God in the dust?  What do you need to cut out?  It may not be at church…maybe it’s sports, extra activities, running your kids to anything they want to participate in.  Pray about how you can spend more time with God so you’ll be more effective for Him!  Col 3:2 has been my life verse for over 15 years now! 

“Set your affections on things above, not on earthly things.”


8 thoughts on “Taking a Step Back!

  1. I totally agree and am very careful at what I say yes to….I always want to ask God if He wants me to do it ! God will bless you guys and you will grow in Christ so the you can glow for Christ ! Love ya both !

  2. It’s good when you recognize when you need more of God. Jesus Himself took time to “get away” and pray, get refreshed. It is imperative to keep GOD 1st, in your time, your talents and your treasures. For some people, with the love language of serving or the spiritual gifts of helps/service, serving God does mean being with God. Nothing can replace that time with Him (especially if one of your main love languages is quality time – like mine is) but there is relationship in serving Him. And time with Him, can be all the time (He is always with us). Praying God ministers to you and strengthens you as you strive to seek Him 1st in all these areas of your life.

  3. Fabulous thoughts, and such a big step for you all to make! It’s so easy to get caught up in doing and forget to be. Over the past year we’ve stepped back from all of our previous committments, and it’s been a great time of refreshment as a family, and we find ourselves able to open our home more and be more spontaneous in our community because we aren’t tied down to have-to-dos. God bless you as you take this time to focus on Him!

    • That’s encouraging Amelia! We are hoping to have alot more time to have others into our home ! That is another goal for us! You’ll have to give me some entertainment tips later!

  4. i’ve heard it said that the enemy will gladly keep us busy FOR God if it keeps us from spending time WITH God.

    i also can’t help but think of the mary/martha situation. you have chosen the better way. (Luke 10:41-42)

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